Wyze thermostat only heats regardless of settings

No matter what I set the thermostat to I only seem to get heat even after waiting awhile. I have a carrier system and attached is the carrier thermostat wiring. Since I am new Wyze in their infinite wisdom only lets me post 1 pic so I will say the color and what it was on the carrier and what it went to on the wyze. I also tried going into advanced settings and flipping the swap heat and cool but that did nothing (makes heat either way).

Whoever can solve my problem I will compensate through paypal. I think $30 is fair if you disagree let me know what you think is fair. Seems Wyze does not care. I called them and did chat. Both times I was disconnected before I got to a human. With the chat it said someone would email me but that was 3 weeks ago.

Carrier | Wyze
W/W1 | W1
Y/Y2 | Y2
G | G
R | RC
Y1/W2**| Y1
O/W2*| O/B
S1 | Was told to not connect
C | C

Apparently I can attach a second picture, I just have to reply. This is the Wyze wiring.

Without a picture of the other end, I would say you need to swap your Y1 and Y2 wires.

Was going to suggest the same

For the other end you mean my air handler?

Yes, but based on the old thermostat wiring, swapping y1 and Y2 should work. You might have to swap heat with cool in advanced too if it doesn’t work

As it stands now, not changed it yet.

Wyze | Air Handler | HeatPump
G | G | NA
O/B | O | O
C | C | C
Asterik | DHUM | NA
W1 | W1 | W2
Y1 | W2 | NA
RC | R | R
Y2 | Y/Y2 | Y

So you are saying swap Y1 and Y2 still? Y1 goes to W2 on the air handler. I think W2 is Emergency/Aux heat (because it only connects the air handler to the Thermostat. Does not have second wire to HeatPump.

Y1 on Wyze is cooling so the way I see it I would swap them.

I swapped them. It does cool now, but either there is no aux heat now, or aux heat is on if the HP is on. Its 83 outside, 75 at the return, and I was getting 113 at the register regardless of thermostat set for 90 on heat or 76 (thermostat registered 75). Need to wait to tonight and I will start 1 or 2 degrees warmer, verify temp, then go 10 degrees warmer to verify if Aux/emergency heat kicks on. If you want to PM me your paypal address if everything is good I will send you the cash. Thank you for your help thus far, we are making progress.

I can check deeper into the issue with the pictures you provided plus the model number of your heater and accessories if you would like?

But I also would need you to check along the low voltage line from the furnace to the thermostat and get a picture of any patches or connections to the wiring along the line.

The low voltage wiring are those much smaller wires.

You only have 1 ( Y1 ) compressor.
The wire that needs to go to Y1 on the wyze is the yellow one. The blue wire that is currently on Y1 needs to go to W2. In order for the second stage heat strips to work properly, you will need to reset your wyze thermostat, and remove it from the app and re-add it, telling it you have the following wires:

W2 (If you wanted this to be emergency heat instead of second stage heat, you would tell it this was E, however, it might force you to pick between your dehumidifier and emergency heat)

Good to hear you now have cooling. Follow Speedie’s advice for the other wire. No need to pay me anything, just happy to help someone out.

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I am out now but will definitely swap the blue to w2 when I get home and reset it. Thanks for the help everyone.

I had a bunch of issues where the thermostat was stuck at the WYZE screen (meaning ready for pairing but pairing would fail). Held down the center button for like 10 seconds and was able to reset it again. Then it paired but using the wires advised (I did not use the E, just W2) it seemed to think I had 3 heat stages when we went through the testing stage and it flip flopped the heating again (heating on cool and cooling on heat). Set to cool and verified it was heating I then went into advanced and flipped the swap heat and cool and now its cooling on cool. Still need to verify heatpump comes on for 2 to 3 degree rise and aux comes on for 4+ degree rise but it looks like we may be in good shape. Will report back once I have tested heat. Thanks again.