Wyze Therm. with Carrier System?

Hey guys.

I tried for 3 hours to do this on my own and troubleshoot but I’m getting nowhere fast. I live in a complex with central air/heating. I hooked up the Wyze and while I got it to power up, it will not kick on the air/heat.

Here are the pics of how my setup runs when it is working. Only 2 wires (Red & Green) currently operate my Carrier thermostat. The White and Yellow as you can see were not connected and the Blue isn’t even stripped.

AT first I hooked up the C wire Adapter thinking I didnt have one, and thats the configuration when the system powers on, but doesn’t kick on the system. Should I even be using the C-Wire adapter? I’m thinking if I just strip the Blue Wire (Which I think is the C Wire) and connect it, would it work? I’m a total noob at this but I was hoping it would be super easy.

Please let me know from the pictures if anyone can help. Thanks!

You have a communicating module somewhere on your system. Probably in the outdoor unit, but could also be a box on the wall/ductwork near the furnace. You would need to disconnect the communicating module and switch it to standard operating mode in order to use it with the wyze.

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Wow, you are absolutely right. I found this box in the laundry room next to the furnace. So now what would I do with the config of this box? How would I enable standard operating mode? This won’t mess with anything else going on, will it?


Your current thermostat is wirelessly communicating with that module.
The wires that go to your thermostat are on the left side of that image. The wires that go to your furnace are on the right. If you wanted to switch to wyze, you could turn off the power and take the wire that goes to RC on the right and connect it to the red wire on the left with a wire nut, then connect the White wires together with a wirenut, then the yellow wires, then the green wires, and lastly the blue wires. this would bypass this module and make all the wires at your thermostat active. at the wyze, connect Blue to C, Red to Rc, White to W1, Yellow to Y1 and Green to G.

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I’m going to head to the shop and get some wire nuts. You are a lifesaver, I will connect tonight and let you know how it goes… Thanks so much!!

No problem. If there’s an issue, just undo what you did and the old thermostat would work again. Just remember to turn off power to the furnace first, otherwise you’re likely to short something out and pop the fuse.

That was exactly what needed to be done! It’s working perfectly, thanks so much! I would have been searching forever for a fix if you hadn’t replied and I would have never known it was the other box that was the issue. Genius! :slight_smile: Seriously, thanks a ton!