Thermostat Wiring and Operation (with Heat Pump)

  1. Does the Wyze thermostat operate differently depending on the wire terminals you select during the setup/installation app? The Wyze app gives me two different results when I select my existing wiring setup - depending on which terminal labels I use from my existing thermostat (Honeywell FocusPro 5000 Series).

I have no fuel/energy sources other than electricity (and select that in the app setup).

My existing thermostat wire terminals are labeled two ways: 1. Conventional 2. Heat Pump and I have 6 wires connected. The Green, Yellow Blue and Red wire terminals are labeled the same in both cases. (G, Y, C, RC,)
The Orange wire terminal is labeled W for Conventional and O/B for Heat Pump.
The White wire terminal is labeled W2 for Conventional and Aux/E for Heat Pump.

If I use the Conventional terminal labels for the connected wires in the setup app, it maps the Orange Wire to W1 and the White Wire to W2 on the Wyze.

If I use the Heat Pump terminal labels for the connected wires in the setup app, it maps the Orange Wire to O/B and the White Wire to W1 on the Wyze.

Which is correct? Does the Wyze change it’s operation algorithm and switching depending on which terminal labels are selected during input?

For the experts, all existing components were installed in 2015 :
Trane 4TWR4 Heat Pump
Trane TEM4 Air Handler
Honeywell FocusPro 5000 Series Thermostat

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Similar issue. I have a heat pump and think my thermostat was miswired to begin with. Thermostat failed low heat and cool. Woke up this morning to 78 in the house and it trying to “cool” it down but pushing heat. I don’t have the toggle to switch from heat to cool that some posts talk about. Obviously miswired now. Looking for a picture of correct wiring with a heat pump.

You have a heat pump system, your old thermostat can support Conventional and Heat Pump. Follow the terminals labeled “Heat Pump”.

Brian, Yes I have a heat pump system, Yes the old thermostat can control both. It was wired in the conventional terminals. I now have the Wyze thermostat and following the Wyze instructions doesn’t work since it assumes correct wiring from the old thermostat. I’d like to see an image of the correct wiring for a heat pump in the Wyze thermostat. The Wyze thermostat does not have “Heat Pump” specific terminals.

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Following have same issues image would be great

From what I see Brian tell others follow the wiring layout for heat pump on your old Tstat. The Wyze app WILL ask you “Do you have a heat pump?” If you did it correctly. If you follow it wrong, and input the layout for conventional, it will not ask you, you will be missing features and it won’t know what to do with second stage heating.

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So my setup didn’t ask me that, but once I followed the wiring layout as you mentioned that says “heat pump” on the lower portion, I plugged my thermostat back in and everything worked perfectly.

I am going to have to go back and relabel my wires though… for next time.

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Interesting because second stage heat is all that works properly for me. Cool and low heat seem to be crossed. I’m going to trace wires from the unit after dinner.

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So when I set mine up. It did not ask me about a heat pump. Is there a way to reset the Wyze thermostat to ask this question?


Finally fixed my issue. Past thermostat was not wired properly. Had to trace wiring from old thermostat to heat pump and verify wiring there then match Wyze thermostat to that. Works now. I did have to completely delete from it from Wyze app and factory reset the thermostat.

If you have a heat pump and everything is wired properly the app will show “swap heat and cool” under advanced settings. If you know you have a heat pump and the toggle isn’t showing then something is miswired. That was my problem.

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Yeah What @jamiewakefield93 said, If you don’t see it, go and delete it from your app, then I went to the device settings and there is a reset option (This is on the physical t-stat and not in app) Then once its on the “Wyze” logo, you have to go through allll the steps. you can go and next through them quickly but the ones that is important is when you pick what wires are connected on the OLD t-stat.

So does the Wyze thermostat not have an “Emergency Heat” mode like most heat pump thermostats that allows you to run the heat strips or auxilary heat if the compressor is broken?

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Good question. It said to ignore jumped wires. My E was jumped to my W2. I am sure it could be done in code but there doesn’t seem to be any indication that if my heatpump died it would know,

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I opened a support ticket with Wyze via email regarding this on 12/19. I’ve had no response. Was hoping they had someone on the forum that would respond.

I’d still like to know how the thermostat operates when using a heat pump. Specifically, I’d like to know how it operates with regard to 2 stage/auxillary heat, what happens if the heat pump compressor fails, is there any way to activate Auxillary/Emergency Heat as there is on every other thermostat I’ve seen, is there any indicator to let you know that Auxillary/Emergency heat has been activated as there is on every other heat pump thermostat I’ve seen?


Go power off your outside unit and let me know :slight_smile: Anyways. I found if Wyze thinks it will take more than 20 mins to reach your desired setpoint, it kicks to 2 stage.

Great! This saved me from freezing tonight!

Is that the case? Is it really time based? I’ve noticed my aux heat on a lot more than normal since I installed the stat yesterday. It seems the end of each cycle, it kicks to aux (I can tell from the vent temps). If so, that’s the worst implementation I think I’ve heard of for aux heat. Normally when I notice it kick on, the stat says heating to X, <1 min, but it runs for quite a while after that. I’d like to hear from Wyze about this, since that’s going to mean an incredibly expensive electric bill.


So what was the final setup? What all wires were added?

These wires I have…