Thermostat - 2 wires to the same terminal (E/AUX)

All, I’m looking to install the thermostat. The compatibility tool on Wyze website says my current set-up is compatible but during the set-up I’m running into an issue as I have two wires going to the E/AUX terminal (see photo). I’m good on all the other wires.

The Wyze thermostat does not allow to wires into the same terminal so can’t tell where these two wires go? If it matters I have a heat pump.

I tried contacting the official Wyze Support Team but that was less than helpful. Thanks for any help from the Community.

Post a picture of the wiring at the other end to show where the black and white wires are going. The more pictures the better

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Attached is the outside unit associated with that thermostat.

U have a heat pump for heating and cooling i assume . So that would be your aux heat or heat strips. I would sasume black would go to aux and white to w2. Looks like u have natural gas line if your heatpump goes out i would switch to furnace for heat. Much cheaper

Thanks for the help an correct on heat pump for heating/cooling. I had natural gas for heating at our old house. It was definitely cheaper!