Wiring help for Thermostat

I’m installing the Thermostat, replacing an existing Honeywell for our Heat Pump unit.

I have all but two wires that I am unable to match up. In the first picture you can see how the original thermostat was connected. The second image, is how I currently have the wires connected to the Wyze thermostat. Let me know if you have any suggestions as to how this should be wired.

I should have mentioned it the S1 (beige) & S2 (black) that are connected in the original thermostat but no similar connection available in the new.

I believe someone else had a similar setup & @speadie said to connect one wire to * and the other leave unconnected (I might be thinking of another scenario). He should have the correct answer

edit…is this a carrier system?

Ken, Thanks, I’ll search and see if I can find the post. Yes this is a Carrier Heat Pump system.

The Wyze app says not to connect S1 (beige) & S2 (black). I corrected the white wire and connected it to W1 per the app.

I was hoping to confirm this was correct before I powered the unit on.

S1 and S2 are for an outdoor thermometer. Tape them both off, the wyze doesn’t have anywhere to connect them,

Speadie, Thanks for the reply. I was trying to understand what they were and why they would not be used. Kinda a shame really because I did like to see the outdoor temp.

Yes, this is a Carrier package unit with gas heat. I successfully hooked up my Wyze thermo this past weekend. As Speeie advised, I did not use my S1 and S2 wire. I had my Green wire in the G terminal but after I powered on the unit and Wyze started going through the testing it had me remove the G wire. After that everything worked great. I only used the W-White, the Y-Yellow, R-Red and the C wire.

I can’t think of any reason wyze would want you to remove the G wire if you have an air conditioner.
It controls the blower fan on the indoor coil.

That’s what the initial test told me to do and then it ran through the test and that passed. It then tested the heat and a/c and everything worked. I’ll post close attention when warm weather sets in to make sure that all is OK.