Is my thermostat compatible?

Here is a picture of my thermostat wiring. In addition to the wires in the compatibility guide, I have an S1 and S2 wire. I have a 2007 Carrier package unit. The thermostat uses the original telephone type wiring that came with the first HVAC unit from 30 years ago. Will my setup work with the Wyze thermostat?

Looks like it should work fine.

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OK, but how to wire up the two different yellow wires.

not sure about S1 & S2…have you checked the other end to see where those wires are going?

The S1 and S2 wires go through the wall, underneath the house and out to the package unit.

I don’t see any instructions from wyze on how to connect wires labeled S1 and S2.

if the “package unit” is your AC condenser, then typically those wires are connected to the control board on Y & C. If it’s not possible to relocate those wires, I wonder if you could just tap into Y & C at the thermostat. Maybe @speadie can better advise…

I’m not a HVAC expert, so when I say “package unit” I’m just repeating what the HVAC installer called it. The AC and the heating unit are all in one package that sits outside. There is not a separate heat/furnace that sits inside the house.

I’ll have to wait for the weekend before I’ll have enough daylight to open some panels on the unit and see if i can find out where the S1 and S2 wires go.

S1 and S2 on a carrier system are for an outdoor temperature sensor. The wyze does not have the capability to attach to it, so you’d just tape them off.

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Thanks very much for that information, spaedie. I’ll mark that as the solution.