Wyze thermostat and Carrier air system

I’m very interested in the new Wyze thermostat.
I opened the dumb one I currently have and see 4 wires

  • A = Green = Data A
  • B = Yellow = Data B
  • C White = 24VAC (Com)
  • D = Red = 24VAC (Hot)
    Using the compatibility tool, I don’t know how to figure out whether the Wyze thermostat will work.
    Any help is welcome.

I’m not sure on that one! I’ll tag in @Chuan and @WyzeGwendolyn to help you out.

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I looked at the installation video again. Although I don’t have the latter marking that correspond to the Wyze Thermostat Compatibility map, should I assume that

  • Green wire = G,G1 on the map
  • Yellow wire = Y,Y1 on the map
  • White wire = W,W1 wire on the map
  • Red wire = R on the map

Could the Wyze team share what each of the compatibility map letter mean and correspond to?
This would be helpful to assess actual compatibility when it is not as easy as on the video :slight_smile:

Trying to attach the picture of my current thermostat connections and of the furnace board connections.

Some of the systems have the thermostat labeled different than the control board. Take a look there to see if that shows the proper terminals. The board is located in your furnace.
Make sure the power is off to your HVAC system first!

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The second picture I uploaded shows the control board. You can see that the terminals have the same A-B-C-D labels.
In my first post, I provided what those boards terminals are for.
What I need is the decoding ring for the terminals code maps provided in the wyze compatibility tool. That should allow me to identify the proper wiring.

Thanks for your help if you have the information.

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In your second picture, the one of the control board. There are connectors with screws can you trace the wires there to the A, B, C, D wires, as the ones with the screws are correctly labeled.

It is non-standard (but not impossible) to have your white wire be your common. It should be blue or black. With being said we need to know the type of HVAC you have (baseboard heating, pump, gas for heat and AC, if at all). These will affect what wires you will or won’t have.

At your thermostat you have all the correct wires, however, we would need to a) have a better picture of your circuit board (mainly the terminals in the lower right of your picture) to see if it is wired correctly there and b) what type of HVAC you have (baseboard, pump, gas and for AC if it is forced air) to know what wires you should have.

I think you could probably use the wyze thermostat with the lower set of screw terminals on your carrier board.
However, you would lose the communicating functionality of your current thermostat.
That looks like a comfort choice or infinity communicating thermostat.
The wires and colors do not translate to standard color codes, Instead it uses a serial data link between the thermostat and furnace. To use a third party thermostat requires removing the wires from the ABCD terminals on the control board and moving them to the appropriate places on the lower terminal strip. You may also need the service manual to determine the proper settings for the dip switches on the control board to enable manual thermostat control. You may run into issues with other devices using the same wires, like the outdoor compressor. All in all, the wyze thermostat may work with your system, but you might need to have a professional rewire your system.


As @WyzeJasonJ and @speadie mentioned, the thermostat may work with your system wires. The installer and/or brand may have the wires labeled differently for easy installation or other reason. I’d suggest that you have a professional come and assess what wires do what (just to be sure)

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Don’t bother calling anyone to take a look.

This is a Carrier infinity system with zone control. It is proprietary.

It won’t work correctly with the Wyze thermostat. (It also won’t work with nest or pretty much anything but carrier)

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I’ll check with Chuan. I’m not great at analyzing this myself. :slight_smile:

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Your case will require an HVAC tech to visit and rewire your control board so that you could have common R, Y, W, and G wires, which are the needed wire for Wyze. thermostat. Carrier has its proprietary wiring that does not allow another thermostat to communicate. Don’t try your ABCD wires because they are not standard color-coded.


You going to have to change all wires it will never work with ABCD I change it base on my system and it works perfectly.
I have a Two-Stage Furnace and Two-Speed Air Conditioner and I change the wires on both.

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