Question about Wyze Thermostat compatability

Hey all, new to the forum here but have been in the discord for a Hot minute.

I’m looking at getting the thermostat but wanting to make sure mine is compatible before jumping the gun. I started going through the setup on the iOS app to see how the installation is. I took off the front plate to my thermostat and seems like the wires aren’t labeled. Any idea if my older one is compatible with the Wyze Thermostat?

I don’t know much about HVAC, but hopefully one of the others will chime in here to help you. Our resident genius on the HVAC is @speadie

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @Ezz! :raising_hand_man:

Your wire terminals do look to be labeled, you may have to get a bright light and look under the wires though. I can see two of the labels in the photo.

Alternatively, with the model number of the Thermostat, you can go online to get a terminal label diagram.

Just at first glance, it seems like it would need a C Wire Adapter but the terminal labels will tell that story once you get those uncovered.

Rather than running thru a setup in the app, you can also check compatibility using Wyze’s Compatibility Checker.


Good Catch!
It was a bit older of a photo since I new I was going to do a smart thermostat eventually!

I will take a closer look in the morning.



You will ultimately also need a good resolution picture of the other end, showing what colors connect to what letters on the furnace control board.

And if you need more help here in the forum you will need to re-take the thermostat photo above to show more clearly what colors are connected to what letters. I can see a blue wire is connected to ‘Y’, so this may be especially important on your installation (that is unusual, I believe).

As for compatibility, be sure to use the compatibility checker @SlabSlayer posted. :slight_smile:

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