Wyze Thermostat - Compatible with Web checker but Wyze app says not compatible. SOLVED!

I just received my wise thermostat for Christmas. My wife used the online web checker to make sure it was compatible and when I check online it is. However when I’m setting it up with the app, it says it is not compatible.

I have White Yellow Green and Red wires. Please help me! We are huge WYZE fans and really want this to work.

Please share pictures of your old thermostat setup

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Ok, do you have a picture of your furnace control board?
You will need to use the adapter that came with your wyze if you only have 4 wires.

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I will have to get that in the morning. Heading to work right now. Thank you so much for the help so far. :handshake:

PXL_20201228_211138336 PXL_20201228_211237639

I found a wire label wrapped around where they are conjoined with wire nuts that has this written on it.
White = W1
Brown = W2
Yellow = Y1
Red = R
Pink = Y2
Blue = C
Green = G

If you take off your old thermostat and gently pull on the wires, you should find a blue wire in there. It should be your C wire.

If you find it, tell the wyze app that you have Rc,W1,Y1,G,C

It should walk you through the setup.

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From the first photo, it looks like there should be a blue wire in the thermostat cable that’s your “C” wire. It probably wasn’t needed by your old thermostat so perhaps they just snipped it off since there was no place to connect it. Try unscrewing the old thermostat plate and pulling the cable a bit (hopefully there’s some slack) to see if you have a blue wire – if so, mark it “C” and try the configurator again.

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Hah-hah – @speadie was true to his name – replied quicker than me! “What he said” :wink:

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Thank you both!!! It’s working and there was a blue wire that was snipped. I had some slack so I pulled about 4" out and stripped it and labeled it. Thank you again so much for the support!

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