Help me understand my wiring for Wyze Thermostat

Hello all,

Got a Wyze cam recently from an Amazon sale and am really impressed with the products. Found they are coming out with a thermostat and would like to possibly get one. Watched the video and I see I will need to us the C wire adapter.

But upon going to look at the control board the wires seemed different from the Wyze installation video. Looks like they are split and go to a sensor.

Red and white wire on the left look to go to the outside unit. Just looked a little confusing, never installed one before. Wanted to check with you all to make sure I was all good before purchasing. Any issues with my wiring or am I all good? Thank you.

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Your setup is pretty simple and compatible with the Wyze thermostat. Since the common wire is not connected to the thermostat, you can use the C-Wire Adapter, or just connect the orange wire (looks like it’s in the loom of the back plate photo), to C on the IFC and C on the thermostat to power it. All you need it that one extra wire. I assume your thermostat is battery powered?

Thanks for the welcome! Yes, the thermostat is battery powered, no c wire. The Wyze tool made it easy to check the current thermostat but when I went to check out the control board is when I got confused on why they wired it this way with the split and I guess the red and the white control the outside unit.

The red and white in the brown sheathing on the left look to go outside. The other brown cluster on the right goes to the thermostat. Guess I was confused because the red isn’t hooked to the control board but connected to the thicker red wire that goes down to I guess an overflow sensor of some kind. But not having the red connected makes sense as to why it would be battery.

That’s correct, we break the red wire with the float switch. That way if the pan fills with water, the float switch kills the power to the IFC and the thermostat to indicate there is a problem. Downside to having batteries in the thermostat is they will keep the stat functioning even if the float switch shuts off the system. Then as a home owner, you’re thinking the system is working fine due to the thermostat being powered. Without batteries, the thermostat would be off/blank which throws up a red flag.

That is also correct, the red and white wires goes to your outdoor. Typically we like to use blue and yellow, but as I posted HERE, there is no Industry Standard for using the colors.

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Thank you for breaking it down for me and helping. Yes, there is an extra wire (orange) like you said and it seems from first glance that I have extra slack in the cable so I could just use the orange to connect like you mentioned above.

I was looking at this diagram (attached so it might help others) and your explanation along with it was great, really easy to understand, looks like I’ll be getting a new thermostat. Thanks again!

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