Wyse Thermostat compatibility with Carrier

Hi. I have 8 wires. I can’t determine from the compatibility calculator if this will work with my Carrier HVAC. My wires are as follows:
(S1) black
(S2) blue
(O/W2/B) orange
(R) red
(C) brown
(Y/Y2) yellow
(G) green; and
(W/W2) white.

Just FYI… I deleted your duplicate post in the other topic. Hopefully @speadie or another HVAC-knowledgeable user will chime in here with help.

s 1 and s2 are an external temperature sensor that wyze doesn’t support.
Other than that your system would be supported, however I have to urge caution using the wyze thermostat with a heat pump system, as without an external temperature sensor, you will likely end up using the backup heat strips more often and thus be spending more on heat.