Hello please help installing wyze thermostat

Wyze app is telling me few difrrent way of wiring not sure how 2 proceed please help

I have rheem rh1t3617stanja

Thermostat wiring

C brown

G green

B orange

W/E white jumper W/2

RH red jumper RC

Y1 yellow

S1 black

S2 Blue

System wiring

R red

C brown

G green

W1 is white

W2 is blue and white mix color its single half side is blue half side is white

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Is your HVAC a Heat Pump or Natural Gas or something else?

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I was told that this is heat pump by tech who installed.


Hello does any one know what i can do here

I dont have option to selct w/e in the app

W/E in your case is either E (emergency heat) or W2 (boost heat), depending on what you want it to be. Although the wyze is compatible with heat pumps, you probably wont be satisfied with the performance if you are in a colder location. It lacks the outdoor temperature sensor inputs, and the ability to manually put it into Emergency mode if you want the system to automatically use your backup heat strips for boost heat - You have to decide which feature you want during setup- manual emergency heat or boost heat.

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Thank you so much!