Wyze Thermostat(s) Questions After Installation (please read if you have a moment to spare)

Good Evening everyone!!

I wanted to reach out to the community and hopefully Wyze support to ask a few questions related to these units as today, I went out and bought (2) for my house. To get you familiar with my home setup, I have 2 separate AC / HVACs on their own systems (both electric).

Now, I’ve already installed both Wyze thermostats and they are working great. However, I had a question related to the wiring on the old thermostats. They have a cable go from RC to RH. After reading ALOT of reviews, people mentioned if you had wiring like that (RC to RH) to not hook them up like that and only RC cable. Take a look at the photo below of both old thermostats (both identical in setup).

Cables: Rc (Red), Rh (Blue bridged to Rc), W (White), Y (Yellow), G (Green), C (Blue)

Here’s the photo after installing the Wyze Thermostats on both units (only hooked up the RC cable:

Cables: Rc (Red), W1 (White), Y1 (Yellow), G (Green), C (Blue)

My first question is: Was that the right way for installation?

My second question is: When I setup the 1st unit, I selected both RC and RH during setup. On the 2nd unit, I selected only RC. Both units are working great but I wanted to go back into the 1st unit from settings (couldn’t find it) to remove RH from the Upstairs thermostat. Is that possible or do I have to redo the setup? [Again, this is based on if the installation above is correct.

Please take the time to share your experience/findings with us.

As a side note: I also wanted to share that in the 15+ years in our home, this is the first time our kids rooms have been cold… ever!

Thank you.

You have your answer, I think. “Both units are working great”. I also had a bridged RC and RH and eliminated the bridge. But from your description it wasn’t necessary.

Why? It is working great. BTW, I don’t know how to do that without reinstalling. Not a settings change.

Is that good or bad, lol.

If the upstairs thermostat is bringing the heat on like expected, then you do not need to do anything.
If, however, only the cooling is working on that thermostat, you would need to remove it from the app and long press the button to reset it and then add it back in and go through setup again to tell it that you do not have a separate RH wire. Unfortunately, you cannot change these settings once the thermostat is installed without going through the setup process again.

The wyze has an internal relay that automatically routes the power from the Rc terminal to the heating terminals if there is no Rh wire present, this is why it does not need an external wire jumper.

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