Help with Thermostat wiring

Would like to know if someone can help me with the wiring based on the photos I have below. This is a Trane dual fuel (NG and heat pump) with AC.

Going from the right side of the old top to bottom… My old thermostat does not have a wire to RC or RH only to R where should the Red on the right side of the old thermostat go on the new thermostat? Orange is going from W1 to W1 Yellow is going from Y to Y1 Green is going from G to G … Blue / B where should it go… Then starting on the left side top the black wire … should it go to O/B ? then the White W2 should go to W2 … S1/S2 from what I understand are not used as they are outside temps…

let me know if i have this right and if anyone can help with the Red on right and the Blue wire and confirm if the black should go to O/B .Old

Tell the app that your wires are as follows:

Color: what to tell wyze you have> where to put it on the wyze, and description of function

Left side, top to bottom:
Black: E > Goes to * on wyze, for emergency heat
White: W1 > Goes to W1 on wyze, runs gas furnace
Tape off the red S1 and white S2 Wires- the wyze wont use them.

Right side, top to bottom:
Red: R > Goes to Rc on wyze, main power in
Orange: O > Goes to O/B on wyze, runs heatpump changeover valve
Yellow: Y > Goes to Y1 on wyze, runs compressor.
Green: G > Goes to G on wyze, runs blower fan
Blue: C > Goes to C on wyze, common return to power the wyze.

Thank You I was able to work through this … Now on to the second thermostat

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I have made several attempts at hooking up my Wyze thermostat to a heat pump HVAC system. Coming from the unit to the thermostat I have an R, C, Y, G, W and O/B wire. On the existing thermostat the R wire is connected to Rc with a jumper to Rh. On the Wyze terminal where do I connect my single red R wire? To Rc or Rh? Why would I not need both connected like the jumper on the old thermostat does? Also does the W wire get connected to W1 or W2? Same with the Y wire. Y1 or Y2?

I had the Wyze thermostat installed and got past the firmware update. But in the testing process I was told I was missing a wire and would not have control. Most likely because I did not have the orange O/B wire connected in the correct spot. After that further attempts to setup the unit the app told me the Wyze app could not find the thermostat even though the “WYZE” lettering was on the screen. I had removed the first install from the app. Is there something else that needs to be done to reset the thermostat?

Help please!!

O/B> O/B

My system seems very simuliar to yours but I cant get the fan blower to turn on. I can hear the ac unit turn on but no air comes out.

Pictures are required.> old thermostat, new thermostat, furnace wiring

Old Thermostat. New Thermostat. Goodman Air Handler Model ARUF032-00A-1

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If you try to turn on the fan manually, does it turn on the blower?

I hear it kick on and makes noise, but def not as loud as it normally is when it’s running

The green wire controls the fan, make sure the wire nut with the green thermostat wire going to it is securely tightened. I don’t see a fuse on that board, or terminals to mount one, which is unusual. Did you make sure the air handler was off when you had the wires out of the thermostat?

I have check the wires, they have a solid connection. They are not pulling out. Yes, it was turned off anytime I touched the wiring.

Not sure what to tell you then- if the fan turns on when the thermostat calls for fan, then it should also call for fan when it calls for A/C. You have a single speed blower motor control- it’s either on or off…

Ok back to Google. Thanks.

Yeah, your wiring is fine. Sorry I don’t know what to tell you. The only thing it could possibly be that I can think of is a bad set of contacts on the wyze’s fan relay, if your old thermostat still works.

We tried to install a more modern thermostat a couple years back and the ac tech said our system wouldn’t be compatible. I think this is what he meant.

Your transformer might be maxed out then.
That could also result in weak latching of the fan relay.
I would suggest powering it externally, but the heat pump prevents that from being something easy to do.
You could use external relays, but it’s not really practical with 3 needed. Might be better to just have a more powerful transformer put in, - If that is indeed the issue.

What would I need to hook up on both ends?

Could I replace the transformer? Would that fix it?

Lennox heat pump, old thermostat was a Honeywell [which seems quite popular]. I get heat but no cool. During the system check I get heat with heat 1, heat 2, and cool. The main difference I can see between the Honeywell and the Wyze is at the R and RC,

[NOTE: IGNORE the wire labels, they are incorrect from years ago. I work off photos only.]

As shown below, heat pump uses the C, R, W1, O, Y1. It does not use the G
Heat Pump web

The Honeywell has a jumper between the R and Rc. It does not use the C wire, but has the G hook in [which makes no sense to me since the G is not connected at the heat pump]
Honeywell web

On the Wyze, I hooked the unused C wire in for power. I match all the others, except the Red. If I put that wire into the Rc, the Wyze does not power up. If I put it into Rh, it runs but gives no cooling, only heat.

Any help would be appreciated.