I can't get any further in the thermostat install because the app wants an additional wire

I have them all where they should be, but the app wont take me any further because it sees a “Y2 but not a Y,Y1” to work so I’m stuck. Cold outside, need guidance. Thanks.

*(edit) Spoke w/ tech support and advised my system was incompatible.

I have not hooked up my Thermostat yet, but have a general question. I would connect the Yellow to Y1, is it safe to assume you did this with the W wire?

Can you provide a screen shot of how your Wyze Thermostat is wired as well?

@speadie , I see you are all over the forum in regards to the Thermostat. Can you let us know if I am correct?

Keep trying and eventually it will let you skip the wiring check

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As far as I know, I posted 1 question re: the thermostat and this was it.
Regarding what my Wyze wiring is, the app won’t let me get that far because I identified the wires I had and it’s in a loop until I find an additional wire I don’t have.

Not sure what the magic number is, but unless I change my answer, it keeps me in the loop of back one step and checking.

Sorry - that was for Speadie. He seems to have most answers for the Thermostat. :slight_smile:

I figured. It’s a moot point now since I spoke w/ someone from tech support ( a live person ) and they said my system was incompatible. I’m a tad doubtful, but I no longer have the energy to screw w/ it.

share a picture of your old thermostat.
Oh I see it in your first post.
Ah, you were led astray by the heat pump labels.
Use the first wiring labels, not the second ones.

So, your wires are as follows:

G = Green
Y1 = Yellow
Rc = Red
C = Blue
W1 = White

The color usually indicates what the wire is, but not always. Some brand use different colors. And if a heat pump is involved, it complicates the wiring.

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That is what I was thinking. That is why I was recommending putting the Yellow on Y1 instead of Y2.

Thanks for the Clarity.