Wyze thermostat - existing thermostat has a lot of wires that conflict in naming

Just got 2 new thermostats, 1 for upstairs 1 down (2 separate electric heat pumps, 2 separate electric air handlers). I started on the downstairs one and the wire notations has me very confused. I labeled what I thought most were but some seem very ambiguous. E.g. “Y/Y2” AND “Y2/W2”. I proceeded and hooked up to Wyze thermostat, got a “wire missing” message for 2 of the wires similar to other posts I’ve noticed on this forum. But I bypassed that to see if it worked and seemed like it did (heat coming out and cool air working as prompted). But I set the thermostat to 68 and about 4 hours later was at 74 so something is wrong. So I hooked the old thermostat back up so I don’t hurt anything. Wondering what the correct spots are for each of the wires in the new Wyze thermostat? Only letting me post one pic, so attaching the old thermostat before touching it. Thanks for the help!

Here’s a pic after I hooked back up, you can see how I labeled (obviously incorrect somehow!)

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When you setup the thermostat, did you select Y2 and W2? Make sure you don’t select those during setup. Your terminals are labeled differently and normally W2 and 1 are separate and the same for Y1 and 2. Were the W and W 2 terminals the ones that were “missing”?

Thanks @Brlepage ! I started process over to get a screenshot on what I can select in the Wyze setup. Where I run into an issue is on my old thermostat, yellow wire is in “Y/Y2” and gray wire is in “Y1/W2” . Per your advice, i don’t select Y2 or W2 in the Wyze setup…
But the Wyze setup only allows to select “Y, Y1” (there are not separate “Y” and “Y1” options). So I’m left with 2 wires but only one wyze option. Separate question - I have both Hum and DHum wires hooked up on my old thermostat but Wyze app is telling me I have to pick just one. I’m assuming “Hum” is what to go with so I don’t lose humidification? Thanks!

A view of the furnace control board would make this easier to understand.
Also, what model of thermostat is that?

Hi @speadie

Thermostat is a Bryant, not sure i can find a model number but see pics, maybe it is 960-150032-2 or TSTATBBPRH01-B. Pics of control board attached as well.

at thermostat:
orange is O
grey is W2
yellow is Y1
green is G
white is W1
blue is C

I’m not sure how the wyze communicates with the humidifier and dehumidifier, you’ll have to use the app to see where it wants you to put those wires…

Do you actually have a separate dehumidifier, or does it just use the A/C combined with heat to dehumidify the air? I’d say pick the humidification option, because the A/C will naturally dehumidify the air.

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So should I pick W2 in the Wyze app for the gray wire?

I just have humidification system, I will follow your logic and pick the Hum in the Wyze app as yes the air handler will naturally dehumdify as the AC runs.

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yep, the grey wire is attached to W2 at your furnace/ air handler.

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Ok, I used W2 and seems to be working. It told me that “*” was missing (its not), I bypassed that message… hopefully my humidification still works. Thanks @speadie!