My wyze Thermostat keep saying I’m missing W1 & W2

So my old thermostat is a Honeywell 932 smart thermostat. My previous wiring included a 0/B W combined. And a W-2 standalone wire. I have installed all wires on W t-Stat and in setup it’s saying I’m missing W1 & W2 wires.

This is a heat pump unit.

Images included. I’m lost have done this 3 times.

Someone please help…

Hey there,
Do you have a picture of how the original thermostat was wired?
Just to make sure if you use a multimeter, the Rc and W wire should show 24 volts.

Check this to make sure this voltage is seen. Maybe possible that your o/b and w wires are switched at the pump board?

Sometimes the wires at the thermostat are not correctly wired at the board where it originates.


When you were selecting wires during the Wyze set up you may need to select these for heat pump operation.

Please see picture based on ur thermostat this is what I can see is relevant to the heat pump.

I think your RC should have been selected as R and your W2 was really Aux.


Let me know what you come up with.


Okay let me change that and see.

Okay I make the changes in wyze setup. However now I’m getting an error that W1 is not present. I did not change physical wires.


Would this mean. Now O/B would actually be W1 and W2 it’s normal? Hmm…

Hello, that’s possible.

Have you confirmed if the RC (R) wire and w2 has 24 volts.

Also can you confirm the brand heat pump you have and model? This way we can see it’s schematic for wiring to thermostat and then trace it to the new Wyze Thermostat.

I just put the W2 wre from old tstat to W1 on new and did not clikc W1 in setup… This seemed to fix the issue