Thermostat , Y2 missing

Here is the way my thermostat was wired. I connect the new wyze thermostat and it powers on, then detects that the Y2 wire is missing. I did not have a Y2 on old thermostat.
Thank you for any help!

Welcome to the Wyze community @tapaul50! Did you select the Y2 during setup? Try setup again. Also, could you take a screenshot of the terminals you selected on the app, the Wyze thermostat wiring and the message if it comes up?

Working on this now… will have pictures soon. Thank you


You’re getting an “extra wire” error witch means that the thermostat “thinks there’s another wire connected. Try a factory reset on the thermostat and try setup again. If the issue continues,
You may want to contact Wyze Customer Support about this issue!
By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online:
support will be off until after new year’s so you may have longer wait times

I tried the the factory setup a few times and receive the same erroneous error for Y2. I have opened a support ticket. What I received back on the ticket was to check the wires, make sure that I am up to current version on App, trace the Y2 wire back to system board ( it doesn’t exist), and try skipping past the error message. None of that worked. If i skip past the wire detection, I get caught in a hard loop of trying to communicate to the device.

After ready a few more people’s issues on this forum… I learned that you can re-add a device to the app!
So, I did a factory reset and then instead of selecting the old icon that was created on the app, I added another thermostat …added the network name and password … added the same five wires and when I received the error for Y2 again, I did the wire re-test and then skipped pass it. And this time it allowed me to proceed. I was asked if warm air was coming from the vent… I answered no, because it was cold air. The heater came on next and was able to put the device on hold. I then did a firmware update and it seems to be working now.

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Thank you for the help!