Thermostat saying a Wire is not detected...But it's clearly plugged in

Installed my Thermostat today. Had some weird glitches (thermostat stuck on the Wyze logo even after setup) but I deleted, and reset and then repaired.

However upon connection (both times) Wyze didn’t detect cable G for some reason. I reinserted it multiple times…nothing. So I skipped it and did the test. Like others have mentioned the Stage 1 heat was blowing only slightly warm/room temp. Everything else seemed fine.

How do I make sure everything is good?



G is fan, so if fan is working, you should be fine. It might not be hooked up at the air handler, because your air handler controls it.
When you told the wyze what wires you have did you tell it O/B, Aux, R, Y, G, C ?
For heat pumps, you want to use the inside labeling for that thermostat.

When I compare your old thermostat picture with the Wyze thermostat pic, I see on the old one that there’s a cable connected to the W2 terminal. That cable is marked with the W1 sticker and plugged into the W1 terminal on the Wyze thermostat. Is that how the Wyze App told you to mark that cable? With W1 instead of W2? Looking at the setup video, W and W1 are the same selection when you set up the Wyze thermostat, but W2 is separate from that selection. Or if you have a heat pump, you might have had to select AUX instead of W/W1, which the App would have told you to yet another terminal on the Wyze thermostat.

As far as I understand, W1 is stage 1 heat and W2 is stage 2 heat, so it may be that, instead of the usual stage 2 heat that the old thermostat provided, you are now getting stage 1 heat instead?

From what I can tell, the cable marked W1 on the Wyze thermostat may not be in the correct location. I would double check that by resetting the thermostat and re-configure it using the proper cable designation (either W2 or AUX)

Disclaimer: I am not an A/C tech, I am just telling you about a difference I see in markings between the old thermostat and the new one :slight_smile:

They have a heat pump, so they need to use the labels on the inside of that thermostat

That’s what I thought. So it seems that the W1 wire that OP hooked up to the Wyze thermostat is mislabeled and probably also connected incorrectly. I believe that I’ve read somewhere else that AUX goes to *, but the App will tell OP where to go with that :slight_smile:

The app told me to relabel W2 to W1 and even when I labeled it as Aux it told me to relabel to W1.

I’ve been running it since yesterday and for now everything seems working good

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That is great news :slight_smile: