Thermostat not detecting W1 wire

Just got off with Wyze No-support. The kids manning the phones don’t know anything about this product. They only know how to waste your time sending them pictures, which their ‘slow software’ never seems to receive. He didn’t no anymore about this product than I do.
It’s not his fault, they are trained to read the manual to you. They don’t get any in depth training. So unless you have zero tech savvy, you are not gaining anything by calling instead emailing to open a ticket.

Tried to install this today. I have a heat pump. Mine had a W2 wire with a jumper going to the E terminal.
The install says to label it W1, and put the E wire in the * port. Lose the jumper.
The stat comes up, and tells me the W1 wire is not connected.
I reseated it several times, after going down in the basement to turn it off, then back down and up again to turn it back on.
No change.
Since Wyze has no support, do I waste any more time, or just send the thing back?

Share pictures here. old thermostat setup if you have it. current wyze setup, and furnace/control board, both close up and wide shots of the furnace wiring.
You should be able to “try again” 2 times and after that it will let you skip the wire detection. (If you’re sure you have it wired correctly)