Missing wire W1 error and no Emergency Heat

I have a heat pump with 8kwh emergency heat system. The wires are connected how I believe they should be. I even chatted with a neighbor who is an HVAC tech. He didn’t come over because I didn’t want to inconvenience him, so we just texted back and forth.

I’m currently good because I skipped past the error and have a nice cool house, I just want to see if there is something I could do to get emergency heat running. I added a screebshot that shows the missing wire message and that is how I have it wired up.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Here’s a pic of the connections on the air handler


How did you skip past the error? I’m stuck on W1 wire missing.

If I remember correctly you have to try a couple times then it will eventually give you a skip option. I wish someone had more insight into this error. I don’t need my heater often living in Florida, but it will suck when I do and can’t use it.

Got it. Thanks

I just want to bump this topic in case anyone can help me to get my emergency heat working on this device

Emergency heat on the wyze is generally pretty terrible, it’s either on or off, and turning it on disables temperature control. With that said, I can show you how to enable it, if you have a picture of your old thermostat and your current wyze wiring

Heres my old thermostat.

I’ll reply soon with a picture of my Wyze configuration. We’re supposed to dip into the 20s so I’ll need that emergency heat. The heat pump won’t do.

The image in my first post off the Wyze app is how I have it currently configured.

As your furnace is not currently wired up for an aux input, you have 2 options. Either string a jumper from the white (W1) wire to the * port on your wyze so that both W1 and * are both fed by the white wire, or uncoil the black wire from your thermostat and attach it to * on the wyze, then uncoil this black wire in your furnace
and attach it to W2 on your furnace terminal block. Either way, you are simply creating a path between * on the wyze and the W2 terminal strip. To enable Emergency heat, you will need to reset your wyze thermostat and re - add it, telling it that your “old thermostat” has the following wires: Rc, W1, Y1, G, C, O, and E.

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Thank you I will give this a go!

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