Emergency heating wire?

  • meaning on thermostat board? Also, all wires on my old thermostat match except w/e. I have emergency heating. What do I insert that into? Thank you.

So maybe this will help but the app told my W2 to connect to W1 on the Wyze T-stat. My E was jumped (Meaning it wasn’t its own wire into the wall, but connected to W2.) I removed this per the instructions. Your emergency heating is the same as your 2nd stage heat.

Thank you for the response. But my white wire was connected to w/e on my thermostat. Which I believe to be the emergency heat wire. the App told me to connect it to the * terminal on the wyze app. Unfortunately the device did not show the wyze symbol on the front when I turned everything on. Just blank?

Sounds like the device isn’t getting power from the wire connected in the C slot.

I reinstalled the old thermostat and it does? Very frustrating.

The * is for additional accessories ie humidifier/dehumidifier. Put the white wire into the W1 terminal, then re-run the set up procedure.

Still blank screen on powering up. I’m at a loss?

The following are photos of my thermostat wiring with old thermostat and Wyze. Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

Thank you for the response.

Blue wire is in y2 on my current thermostat. You’re thinking it goes in C, along with my black wire?

I didn’t have black wire maybe it’s for emergency heating . We need a definite answer have you tried a ticket for support?

My white wire is for emergency heating. Didn’t know about ticket for support? I will try that. Thanks.

I was told * is to accessories and emergency heat. If you tell the Wyze app you’re wiring it it asks on setup what * is wired to and emergency heat is an option. This is how they told me to configure the heat pump. This wire was originally wired to Aux/E on my old thermostat.

My setup is a heat pump btw.

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