Thermostat - W/E wire?

Hi there… I have some problems wiring my thermostat.

The existing thermostat (Emerson Sensi) has a wire going to the “W/E” port. I am not sure, for Wyze, if I select that I have a “W” port or a “E” port… If I click both, it asks me to put that one wire into two different ports – not possible – and it also lets me choose just having a “W” port or just having a “E” port. I’m afraid of wrecking my furnace… which port do I put the wire into?

Thanks all!

You have a heat pump. Do you want your electric backup heat to kick on by itself, or do you want it to only kick on in an emergency? If you wanted both, you would need to add 2 jumpers to that wire, and put one into W1 and one into *.
If you want it to be emergency only, tell wyze you have an E wire and hook it to the * terminal on your wyze.
If you want it to come on by itself when the heat pump is running, attach it to W1 and tell wyze that it is a W1 wire.

Thanks! If i split the wire and put it in both, what would that do? I imagine not much since triggering e would be the same as running w1?

Hey I have the exact same issue. So if I add the jumper wires to the W1 and into * how would I need to set up in the app? What settings would I pick when it ask me to select the current wire setup and etc? I currently have my Sensi W/E white wire in the W1 spot on the Wyze Thermostat but I can’t turn on my emergency heat. Some post suggested hooking up the W1 wire to the * spot but that just didn’t seem like it would work properly. I do think my system it working ok though because it is heating but seems like it takes a while to reach the setpoint temp. I also sounds like it kicks off and turns on my outdoor unit back to back? Also my outdoor unit makes loud grind stopping noise is this normal?

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If you split it and put it in both, then you get normal boost heat, but also have the ability to run it as emergency heat, in case there is freezing rain outside, or you have some other reason you can’t run the heat pump (compressor failure, etc).

If you jumper it and split it, when you are setting up the thermostat, tell it your old thermostat has both an E and a W wire. the app will tell you to put the W wire on W1 and the E wire on *, Then when it asks you what the wire that is attached to * does, tell it that it is emergency heat.

Not sure about your outdoor unit’s noises, Could be that you have ice built up on the coil and the fan is rubbing on it.

Awesome thx. I am just curious what is the cons of just leaving my white wire hooked up to just the W1 terminal? And not doing the jumper wire? I guess I am wondering if I would save money on my monthly bill or not if I hook up the jumper.

You wont save money by hooking up the jumper, it just allows you to run the heat in an emergency when running the compressor isn’t possible.

I dont mean to ask a dumb question but if I don’t hook up the jumper and I just leave it on the W1 terminal and the compressor goes down or I can run it, will the system automatically turn on the emergency heat?

It will turn on the heatstrips, but it will also try to turn on the compressor and the reversing valve.

Will this damage my system?

If your compressor is unable to run for some reason, like when the fan is covered by ice because you have freezing rain, then yes, attempting to run it can damage it. The reason systems have an emergency wire is to run just the heat coils if you have weather that prevents you from safely running the heat pump, like freezing rain.

Ok thank so much that makes sense! This really seems important and it really seems like Wyze should have included this some how in the app without me having to jump wires and etc. Thanks a million when its stops being freezing cold maybe I will look into putting the jumper on

For others having this problem, I went down to the furnace which only had a “W” slot, so that’s what I ended up using for Wyze. It worked!