Wyze Thermostat - Help with wiring

Here is a photo of my current thermostat. Which row am I supposed to look at, the top row or the bottom row?

Also, I have two wires (black and white) going into Aux/E (W2?). Where am I supposed to connect those on my Wyze Thermostat?

I sent a support ticket a while ago and never got a response (it’s the Holidays). Maybe the community can help me.

I’d look at the top row. I put the connected wires into the app and connect the thermostat. Make sure to test and see if everything works properly.

Hey Baddack, do you have a conventional HVAC system or a heat pump?

The lower level letters reference a heat pump. You would need to identify that first.

Then utilize the letter routing accordingly.

Conventional usually uses a gas boiler and a/c unit outside

Heat pump uses an a/c like system outside but both heating and a/c comes from that unit. No gas is used.

Not sure what I have. I know I don’t have gas, my house is strictly electrical. I have a big A/C like unit in my backyard but I know I have heat and A/C, so maybe I have a heat pump?

Looks something like this, but I’m at work so I just googled this.

I set up my Wyze using the top row, it seems to be working when I test heat and ac. But after @Maluman response, I’m thinking I should have set it up to follow the bottom? Also, the two wires into W2 throw me off, I can’t fit two wires into the same port on the Wyze so not sure what to do there.

Hey Baddack,

If it’s working when you tested both heat and AC then your good to go.

Heat pumps utilize the o/b. That’s why I asked.
Also some heat pumps utilize the aux/e for auxiliary heaters in case the heat pump cannot produce heat because of the outside temps. But not certain how to direct you until you determine if it’s a heat pump or not.
Possibly the model name and number cAn help.

If the Mods allow here is an explanation of what generally the letters represent. Need to give credit to this link for the great explanations :slight_smile:

What All Those Letters Mean on Your Thermostat’s Wiring | iFixit News.

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See how it works and see if there’s any issues. In no issues, I’d leave it as is.

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So I found out that it’s a Heat Pump. I followed the Wyze instructions, but I’m still confused about the double wire. Wyze has Aux1/Axu2 and E separate but mine has Aux/E combined. Am I supposed to say black wire is E and Aux1 is W1? Anywho, heat and AC are working, I’m just worried about the emergency heat.


I have the same, white wire into AUX/E on my old thermostat and Wyze tells you to plug it into different locations depending if you select AUX or E. I would like to know where the correct location is too. This is a heat pump and the second stage.

Called Wyze. For a Heat Pump system where Aux/E is emergency heat (heater coils at the blower) then you select E and wire to *. Then when you set up the app it asks what what * is and you tell it emergency heat.

Thanks for this info! Did you have a brown wire too? I had brown and white both going into Aux/E. In the app I did Aux and E separately and did brown in * and white in W1 …should I switch those two? White in * and brown in W1?

Edit: Shoot, my black wire isn’t even connected on the original but I connected it on the Wyze. I’m all sorts of confused. Maybe I should just call Wyze.

@hayj Does it ask you what the * is? I don’t recall it asking. I’m still having issues with whole home humidifier which is connected to * … but doesn’t control humidifier call. It’s always active/energized.