Wyze Thermostat Wire Connection

Hi I was wondering if any could help in confirming my setup was done correct,

Old thermostat connections

what should my wyze connection be? if my B and O terminals are separate.

just looking for a little bit of guidance, thermostat doesn’t seem to be blowing hot or cold air, just fan.

Note: I am not an HVAC Professional, but have hooked iup a few T-Stats in my day.

@speadie taking a stab at this, if you see anything incorrect, please feel free to jump in,

If you have a Heat pump, which is what it sounds like, there is a setting to switch the Heat and AC (B/O) settings. However, is it blowing anything at this time, is the Fan Running?

If you have Gas heat then the B/O should not matter.

Based on what I see and believing you have an Heat Pump, the wiring may look something like this:

Blue goes to C
Yellow goes to Y
Red goes to RC
Green goes to G

Then White would go to O/B assuming it is a B under the wire to the left of the screw. If it is a W then you would connect it to the W on the Wyze T-Stat which may indicate it is not a heat pump.

Here is a link to the PDF User / Setup Guide


correct this seems to be the way I have set it up, however the fan is running but cold nor hot air comes out . I can’t tell what kind of heating system there is unfortunatley

on my previous thermostat the white wire was connected to the B. O had its own terminal.

Previous terminal -

red wire- R
Green wire-G
White wire -B
Yellow wire -Y
Blue wire-C

wye set up

this is what I installed it as after, mind the last photo up top.