Thermostat not blowing hot air

I just installed the thermostat. My old unit had 1 red wire going to R with a jumper to RC.
I followed labeling instructions and it said connect red wire to RC.

Now when I tested, cold air blew out when testing for heat and nothing blew out when testing for cold.
When attempting to heat the house, it is only blowing out cold air.
I tried the "switch hot and cold toggle in advanced. It does not work.

Any help is appreciated. Attached is the old wiring.
The red wire is currently in RC on the wyze thermostat. 20201220_113641|281x500

Do you have a pic of the Wyze backplate wired up?

I figured it out. I looked at the W wire and saw O/B on my old thermostat. I run conventional so need to change that to W1 on wyze. Seems to be working well now. Thanks.


Great to hear!