Thermostat blows cold rather than hot

Just changed out the thermostat at maybe a bad time when it’s 5F out side. The heat does not come on but the cold does eg they are switched. I have submitted a support request but family is not too happy with me right now.

Not sure if I need to do a quick wire switch I have a 2 stage heating and cooling unit. It’s a Trane XR95

Won’t allow me to add the other images as I am a newbie to the forum.

Here is the control unit

How is it hooked up to the wyze?
Also, the wyze blows cold air for a bit before the heat kicks on, it starts the fan up right away instead of waiting for the heat exchanger to get hot like most thermostats do. supposedly there is a fix coming for this.


Here is the new wiring

Wiring looks good from here, if you leave it running, does the heat eventually come on?
It might just be the fan delay issue.

Waited at least 5+min do you think I should wait longer , I went down to the unit and never did hear the burners kick on.

That’s weird. What type of furnace did you tell it you had? Your wyze might be defective if it’s not calling for heat. Does the other thermostat still work?

I am pretty sure I said 2 stage on the setup process , I have a room heater going so it’s keeping us warm for the moment

You only have 1 stage. or at least only 1 wire for hot and 1 wire for cold. Your furnace is probably set to take care of the staging automatically.

You should try removing it from the app and resetting it at the wall and running through the setup procedure again, making sure to tell it you have the following wires: C, R, W, Y, G and a gas furnace.

Thanks , how do the wires come out , is the small hole in the front of the wire panel the release eg stick a paper clip in and it releases ?

Just push down on the lever and it should release.

I found this troubleshooting guide for your furnace control board, in case you need it.

When the wyze is supposed to be calling for heat is it getting the fast flash on the control board?

Thanks for the help, Just did a reset and saw that the only option for a propane furnace is what I must have picked last time. After the reinstall the furnace does not want to lock on at all.

The red light on the control board is flashing not super fast but it is flashing tried to upload a video but it won’t allow me

A slower steady flash indicates that it is not getting the call to heat. does it do that in test mode too?

I’d try hooking up your old control- if it works, call wyze and tell them you have a defective thermostat and they will send you a new one. If the old thermostat doesn’t work, then you have a broken wire somewhere.

Funny I just came up here and went in to the physical device and went in to it’s settings from the wall unit and it fired up the test mode but still clod air…

LoL a little strange I will test in a few minutes and see if the app works. But I think my unit has a short cycle protection so want to wait a few minutes.

One other strange thing I was thinking you could walk up to the control and just turn the knob right to turn on the heat? I turned it left and right and no change to the main number on the screen.

You might have to press and select the mode first.