Wyze thermostat not blowing hot air

I recently installed my Wyze thermostat and was able to get it working more or less successfully, right up until it got cold and suddenly, my heater doesn’t want to work. I have a gas furnace with a forced air system and have configured the thermostat in the app accordingly. When I turn on the heat manually (or run the heat test), I can see the pilot light and see the burner heat up, but the vents blow cold no matter what.

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Please help. It’s going to be cold tonight and I need to keep my pets warm.

You have an extra wire on the C adapter. There should only be one wire per screw. Leave the ones that come from the thermostat and move the other one off Y and back to the furnace where it was originally.


Thanks so much. That did the trick. My tiny, furry family and I are in your debt, kind stranger.