Thermostat will not turn on furnace/Pilot

I recently installed a thermostat on a system with a c wire (adapter not needed). For the first time since I installed this, I needed to turn on the heat (gas furnace). When selecting heat, the fan kicks on but system never starts heating. When I went to look at the furnace, the pilot never gets turned up and the blower does not engage.

I re-installed an old dumb thermostat and the heat kicks right on.

I re-connected the Wyze, deleted it from my profile in the app and then went through the install process again. While going through the steps, it stated I did not have a c wire and would need to install the adapter. Although I have a c wire, I installed the adapter but then the thermostat would not even turn on.

I am sure I do not need the adapter. Has anyone else had this issue? My wiring is below.

Thermostat Unit
RC red R
Y1 yellow Y
G green G
W1 white W
C blue C

I had a nest previously and no issues with the heat and no adapter required.


Can you provide pictures of your Thermostat Wiring as well as pictures of your Furnace Control board where the wires hook up


I will try to get a better pic of the board if this isn’t clear.

What do the pins on the back of your wyze thermostat look like? Your furnace should start up as soon as the wyze uses its relay to connect Rc and W1 - if its not working, and the pins on your thermostat are all straight, then you probably have a defective relay in your thermostat, and should contact support to get a new one.

Got this resolved!

I did a factory reset on the thermostat, deleted from my profile and went through the connection process again within the app. I believe the issue was in the setup process, I selected R instead of RC as that is how the old stat was connected. Once I completed the setup wizard, I was in business.

Side note, The test at the end of the app setup did not work on the heat or cooling but the new thermostat works fine.

Thanks for the help!

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