Wyze Thermostat making clicking noise

I have installed one wyze thermostat downstairs in my home and it’s working fine. I went to install the second thermostat upstairs and it’s making a clicking sound on the thermostat. I have rechecked the wiring 3 times and they are all correct. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?"

Following this. There is no C wire on my control board so I replaced it with the G wire. Would that have something to do with it?

Welcome @kadehumpherys and @shayneghatch!

Does the thermostat show anything on the screen?
Try pressing on the dial for 10 seconds to factory reset the thermostat.

The Wyze thermostat requires a C wire or a wire adapter to be connected to the C terminal. If you don’t have a C terminal, the thermostat may not work.

There is nothing on the screen and it just clicks and doesn’t stop. Really upsetting that I am learning in order to use Wyze I need to spend $300 for a c terminal after I buy the product. I assumed this was like google nest that didn’t need a c terminal.

Maybe you could try this method to add a C wire:

Hi all,

The clicking sound is because you have either the R side of the transformer either on W1 or Y1 or you have the neutral side on the Rh side.

It happened to me accidentally when a wire was switched.

Just make sure you don’t have the hot side of the transformer on any other terminal but RC and RH.


What would be really helpful is an example… I followed the directions to a T and still have issues. No trouble shooting at all in the set up steps. Mine is wired to C to common 24 volt. R to R. Y to Y, W to W and G to G. So I’m following the directions. But the directions are incorrect. Where am I making a mistake?

Mine clicks? And it mostly works. It does not support 2nd stage cooling but first stage cooling and heat work fine. So you saying its not supposed to click?


Sorry I was replying to @kadehumpherys where he was saying his thermostat was just clicking. If it’s constantly clicking then something is not connected correctly.

The thermostat does click when you request heat or a/c and that is absolutely normal!

Sorry for confusing you @wlbryce :frowning:


Hey can you walk me through this a little more - I’m not really sure what you’re saying here lol.

I followed all the directions in the app to the letter but I’m getting all the clicking too


did you get this fixed? What did you do?


Try switching the C wire. Mine had to be moved to the terminal that has the white wire going to my air conditioner.

I haven’t been able to fix this yet. The thermostat wouldn’t even turn on for me. I followed the steps exactly but my father in law who is an electrician is supposed to come help. I will be looking into this further next week

Mine was just a misplaced wire. The C wire had to be moved to the terminal below where I had it the first time. It booted right up after.

Hey there Sgreeley,

Can you provide pictures of before (old) thermostat and new thermostat connections?

Then using a multimeter measure your RC to all the other wires then check RH if you have to all the wires. Check each on by one. Example RC to W1, RC to Y1, You should be reading 24v. If you are reading anything else please tell us and show us based on the ur wiring.

I will have to go purchase of meter because I don’t have it.


May try to get those wire clean up, so color can be seen. The marking on terminal is totally unreadable.

also describe what kind of system do you have. furnace (1,2,3 stages) central AC,. split, or heat pump.

where does that blue wire on the left thermostat bundle go? if it’s not connected to anything, and it is available at the thermostat, try connecting it to C on both the furnace and the Wyze.


Hey there,

This panel looks like a central heat and ac.

The left bundle does look to have an unused wire “blue” coiled around the 18/5 wire. Just in coil that, connnect to C

The. At the thermostat hoping that wire coiled up connect to c like speedie said

The terminals on this read B, G, R, Y, W2, W1. Any suggestions on how to hook this up without a c terminal?
I have the connection piece wired in for the Wyze thermostat but C doesn’t have anywhere to go.