Wyze thermostat clicking and not powering on

I just got my thermostat in and hooked it up per the walkthrough yet my thermostat is just making a clicking noise and won’t power on.
I had to add the c power adapter, and believe I have it wired correctly.
The c wire has constant power, so not sure what the issue is.

I have more pictures, but can only upload one because I’m new.

I see a couple of red flags here. The insulation on those wires is terrible and something could be shorting out. Also you appear to have 2 different runs of thermostat wires at the thermostat, and the colors don’t match the wires in the furnace,

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Your wiring is probably your problem. Please remove all the damaged insulation and properly strip it back. If it keeps cracking like that it’s time for a call to an HVAC to pull new wire.

Holy hell. Call an hvac tech before you cause further damage

Man, I wish it was only two. There are actually four separate runs in total. When this house was built (1985) they ran four sets of 18/2 because… God knows.
The furnace was replaced a few years back when we let my grandmother live here and the wonderful tech never ran new wires for the thermostat, even though all of this shielding is falling apart and is host to a few issues over the years. 10/10 for that company.

So an update: It works.

In regards to the terrifying wiring, yeah… I’m aware. I’m going to be running a new set of 18/5 later today to have everything done properly.

The issue? My G wire on the furnace went to… Pretty much nothing. It was just chilling outside of its wire nut that was connected underneath the furnace.
The lovely company that did the install fur the new furnace a few years back did a horrendous job for wiring and left the old thermostat that was there and didn’t bother running a new thermostat wire. All of their joints were cracked and the shielding was falling off and most of the wire nuts were loose.
I’m honestly quite amazed that things weren’t shorting out or sparking.

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