Wyze Thermostat Clicking and no screen

Hi guyz,
I tried installing my wyze thermsotat with all the connections done as per the wyze app but the thermostat doesn’t turn on and makes clicking sounds repeatedly. If anybody can help me with it to figure out.
My furnace does have a c-wire, I tried connection with that as well as with c-adapter also but that didn’t help in both the instances.
I checked the voltage with multi meter also and the R to C voltage is coming out 24V and the R to W/Y/G voltage is 28.5. So there is power in the R and C wires also.

I have attached the furnace control board connections as well as the old thermostat wiring as well to see for reference.

Furnace Control Board Wiring Setup :-

Old thermostat wiring setup :-
Not able to upload as the new users are only allowed one uploaded image. I can send this to anybody who is willing to help.

Call your A.C. company,sound like you need a jumper installed on the unit to get the correct voltage

Is 24v voltage from R to C wire not the correct voltage?

Clicking generally indicates a low power condition. Your R wire on the thermostat appears to be improperly terminated, with the insulation being pinched under the screw. Did you test the voltage between the thermostat side of the wires, or at the furnace?

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Thanks for your response. I did test the voltage from R wire to the C wire and the voltage 24V is constantly coming.

When you hook up the wyze thermostat, you are connecting the red wire to Rc and the orange wire to C, correct?
Do you have an air conditioner?
I only see one set of wires attached to the furnace board, normally I would expect to see an additional wire on Y and C that go to the outdoor compressor for an air conditioner, but your installer may have hooked up the air conditioner compressor in series with the thermostat, which could cause the clicking condition as well.

Also, you can attach one image per post, so to show your other image, just put it into your reply.

So yes, I have hooked up the R wire to Rc and then the C orange wire to C terminal before. That didn’t work so now I have disconnected the C wire from the furnace board and installed wyze C-adapter and attached only Rc, Y, W and G wires on the wyze thermostat.
Sending more pics of the furnace board and then wire nuts I found around the furnace.

This is the pic of wire nuts I found beside the furnace.

Closer pic of the wire terminals at the furnace board with the new wyze c-adapter installed.

The C adapter will not work with your setup, because your ac compressor is in series with the thermostat. The way you have it hooked up now will prevent your air conditioner from working.
Can you get a clearer image of that wire splice you found?

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Ok. So I have removed the adapter and re-hooked the connections on the furnace board the same way as before. Here is also a clear image of the splice wire you asked for.

Another picture of the wire nuts. There are 5 wore nuts I checked. One each for R, G, W, Y, C wires.

Is the C wire that leaves the splice also orange?
I’m mostly interested to see if the orange and black wires go somewhere else- there should be a point where they split off to go to the air conditioner, while all the other wires continue on to the thermostat.

Yes, the c and black wire goes from the splice but then this whole brown wire goes to the ceiling and then goes to the thermostat upstairs. I do not see any other splice elsewhere.
Does the AC for sure connects with these wires?

It should. Do you see the A/C insulated copper pipe leaving the evaporator coil in or next to the furnace? Usually installers will run the A/C wiring near the refrigerant lines.

The wire nuts that I sent you the pictures of seems to be the only splice which looks like they did because they wanted to extend these wires to make them reach to the thermostat upstairs. Let’s say if there is no splice other than the one I sent you the photos of, can the thermostat be made to work somehow? Coz as I see per the voltmeter the 24V is coming to the c-wire.

You might have a faulty thermostat. Try hooking it up directly to the splice location so that the wire between the thermostat and furnace is very short and see if it turns on there- if it doesn’t, either the thermostat is bad, or your transformer on your furnace is going bad.

I agree. Either low current which causes the voltage to sag too low when a load is energized, or a mistake in wiring, where the thermostat is switching off its own 24 volt supply. The concern is not open circuit voltage, but rather, what the voltage gets to be when it is energizing a load. Low current could be caused by a poor termination that has too much resistance in the 24 volt power.

I’d be tempted to remove the loads - Y (cooling,) W (heating,) and G( fan) connections - and see if it still clicks. If not, hook them back up, one at a time and see which one makes it click.

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Thanks for your response. I’d try doing that and will update. :blush:

So I tried disconnecting and re-connecting wires one by one and the thermostat is still not powering on. Checked the voltage both at furnace board and thermostat end and the voltage is coming. Don’t know why the thermostat is not powering on even when the voltage is there.