Has anyone's Wyze Thermostat just suddenly stopped working?

I just got this thing for Christmas and hooked it up last night. Everything seemed to be fine until I noticed the fan just kept running. I tried hitting the button on the Thermostat; but nothing. The app also couldn’t communicate with it.

I’d really been looking forward to setting up this thing. Very disappointed.

I also wish the paperwork explained what all the different wires actually do. Trying to get this thing hooked up in the first place was a confusing mess with the stickers and constantly having to look back and forth on my cell phone. I don’t even know why the app wanted to take pictures of the old wiring since they never showed up again. It would have been much easier to just say “The G wire does so-and-so. The Y wire does this other thing…”

Overall, very negative experience.

Something like this? Note that wire colors can vary and are not always standardized in every installation. Also, not all systems are installed to standard wiring practice by all install technicians.

I won’t be able to help you with your wiring, but there are users very knowledgeable in helping you with that. They will ask that you post the photo of your old thermostat wiring, your new thermostat wiring, and a picture of the wire connections on the control board of the furnace\AC unit.


The fact that your fan is running constantly and your thermostat is also clicking indicates to me that perhaps the wire you have connected to C on the wyze is actually connected to G on the furnace, but without seeing the setup, I can’t be sure.


Wyze is replacing the Thermostat. That process was very easy, and I commend them for it.

Fingers crossed the new one works. I did finally get the Thermostat to power up again, and we double-checked the connections, but it wouldn’t turn on the furnace or the A/C. I think the C-Wire adapter is bad. The Thermostat clicks when it tries to turn on something, but nothing happens.


This is the original wiring on the furnace. It goes Y - W - R - G and then C is off to the right. I couldn’t figure out what that 2nd red wire on Y was supposed to do. It didn’t seem to matter if it was hooked up or not, and the app instructions didn’t mention what to do if more than one wire is hooked up to the same terminal. The same goes for the C terminal, which already had a yellow wire hooked up.

This is the original thermostat’s wiring.

P.S. There is a compressor outside for the A/C.

This is the exact model of the furnace control, 50A50-473.

Well, I got the replacement today. I followed the wiring instructions precisely. And…


Neither the furnace nor the Thermostat powers up. When I hook the old thermostat back up, everything works fine.

Well, your conventional thermostat uses batteries, and the wyze doesn’t, so it’s entirely possible that your furnace is unable to provide enough power to actually run the thermostat. The furnace controller you have posted is pretty old. Do you know the VA rating of your transformer?

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The other Wyze Thermostat turned on. But now, my furnace has just stopped working completely.

It sounds like you tripped a fuse. did you have the furnace powered off when you started rewiring it?
please take many pictures of the furnace area- the fuse is out of shot in the image you posted.

the transformer secondary should be feeding the board from the wires attached to these terminals, so the fuse should be somewhere inline with the wires that plug in here.

It’s probably an automotive style blade fuse, usually 3 or 5 amps rated. when you find it, take a picture of it and show it to me and I can help you find a replacement- auto parts stores are generally open on the weekends, holiday or not.


You really know your stuff! I really appreciate it.

It looks like the first Thermostat was bad since it won’t power up at all. I’m sure the new one DOES work, but the control board on the furnace gave up the ghost sometime during the wiring process. NOT the Thermostat’s fault. Just a wonderful coincidence.

I say that because I get a new furnace and compressor now. Yay! Maybe they’ll even hook up the Wyze Thermostat for me.

It will probably be a few days before I get the new units. I’ll keep you posted!