Wyze thermostat clicking

Not sure what kind of mess is at my furnace, but matching the wires from the old thermostat to the Wyze just results in clicking sounds.

I don’t see the brown wire (C at thermostat) at the furnace connections.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You need to find where the other end of that brown wire comes out. Did the old thermostat work without batteries?

Show a full picture of the furnace wire compartment, taken from a couple feet back to aid in wire tracing.


Does this help?
Thanks for any advice

That control board looks wet. Before you do anything else, make sure that it is not actually wet. Water will short things out.

To make your thermostat work, take this coiled wire image

and straighten it out. Then strip the insulation off the tip and feed it up through the grommet with the rest of the wires. Put it into the screw terminal marked Com24v along with the other wires that are in there. That terminal will then have a white, red, brown, and blue wire in it.

When you put the cover back on the furnace, your wyze should power up.

Heh. Good eyes! Had I not been trying to hook up the Wyze thermostat I probably wouldn’t have noticed all the leaking at/near coil. It leaked so much the filter was soaked at bottom. I have an HVAC guy coming today. AC is brand new. No idea what is wrong.

Regarding the wiring, it worked perfectly (thanks to your advice) and Wyze thermostat is functional… and waiting for HVAC.

Thanks again.

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