Thermostat/Wiring Issues Help

Tried everything. Can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. Followed the APP instructions carefully and once I turn the power back on all the Wyze Thermo does is make a single click every few seconds. Unit does not power on or show the Wyze logo so I can’t proceed with the rest of the setup. Here are pictures for reference. Thanks in advance and hurry it’s getting cold out! Haha… :frowning:

Furnace Connections:

Oof it will only let me post 1 pic at a time let’s see if it’ll let me make multiple replies.

Furnace Splicing:

Old Thermostat Working Setup

Current Wyze Connections (Not Working) just making a single click every few seconds:

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I’m going to tag in @speadie on this because they are an expert at sorting the spider wire issues on these units.

But, one possible thing I see, although I can’t tell you where it needs to be connected, is that the blue C wire connected to the thermostat, inside the brown sheath 5 wire bundle, isn’t hooked to anything on the furnace side. It is just dangling there by your hand. And the C terminal on the furnace board with the brown wire is pigtailed to a red wire that is in the 2 wire brown sheath that goes somewhere else.

I will be watching the thread though. Interested in learning what is going on there.


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What type of furnace are you controlling? Heat Pump or Forced Air?

Based on the provided images it looks like you are not getting the power because the Common is not connected. The light blue wire connected to the old and new T-Stat looks like it is not connected in your second picture. You would need to hookup connect the Light Blue wire to the Brown / red Wire Nut to get the power to the T-Stat.

At least, that is what I would try since the Brown is the common coming from the Furnace and then wire nutted to the red, which probably goes outside to the compressor.

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Yep, you both have it- the blue wire that’s not attached to anything near the furnace needs to be wirenutted to the brown/red wire.

For the visual people:


So, I figured out what the problem was, the prior homeowners just had the C (light blue) wire connected to their thermostat and not going into the furnace. They probably figured if the cord is there it must have a place because why would it be there. Their thermostat did have a battery in it which is why it was getting power. Go figure…

The big issue for me what the Wyze app asking if you have a C wire and me clicking yes when in fact I didn’t have one. So, after clicking no it walked me through using the C wire adapter and now everything works perfectly. Buying a house is full of mysteries and one big learning experience. Thanks for all the help from those who replied.

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