Wyze thermostat keeps clicking

Hello, We live in Texas and I’m trying to install the Wyze thermostat and having some issues with the wiring.

See attached photos for the thermostat wiring and the control board wiring. I don’t have a wire going to the Y on the control board and on the thermostat it uses a jumper. We tried using both options with the C wire adapter and without.

Can’t seem to get it to power on, thermostat just keeps clicking. Any ideas? Thanks

Is there an unconnected red wire at the furnace? Do you have a picture from farther back, showing more of the wires?

There is an unconnected RED and YELLOW wire at the control board in the attic.

There is also another RED wire which is connected to the C terminal on the control board as shown in the picture above.

Yellow’s not connected to anything? i’d expect it to be connected to another wire that goes to the same place that red wire that is attached to C goes. Can you share a wide angle picture please?

The unconnected YELLOW wire to me appears to be the same one connected to Y at the Thermostat. Just based off the color of the housing.

Do you have air conditioning? If not, then it makes sense that the Y(ellow) wire is unconnected, otherwise there’s something wrong with your wiring. Y tells the air conditioner compressor to turn on.

Yes. I have an air conditioner. Condenser unit outside and rest in attic like typical houses in Texas.

Then I really need a wide angle picture to see what’s going on. For all I know the yellow wire you are talking about is completely unrelated to the rest of the thermostat wires (for instance, it could be a fan speed wire). I can’t tell you where to put things without being able to see the actual wiring.
The c wire adapter will not work without a Y wire. I suspect that your hvac installer was either colorblind, or not an actual technician, by the color choices they made with the wiring. There’s a few standard ways to hook these things up, and your wiring isn’t really following any them.
If, indeed you do not have any jumpered Y wire at the furnace, then they probably took the shortcut of running a direct Y line to the condenser, so you would really need to run a new common wire from the furnace to the thermostat if there’s not an extra wire you could use.