No Y terminal on control board

There is no Y terminal on the control board and I’m not sure how to connect the Wyze C-Wire adapter

It is hard to tell for sure, without another picture of where the wires on the left land on their control board. But, here is my best guess. Your thermostat Y (yellow) wire appears to come here, is wire-nutted to a red wire, which goes outside to your condensing units’ relay, bringing on the entire condensing unit anytime there is a call for cooling (this is fine). Then a white wire (common of relay) comes back and is wire nutted to the brown wire (common) of the indoor unit. Hence, you will need to wire any Y (yellow ) wire of the C-Wire adapter into the same wire-nut (the bottom one, with yellow/red). To be safer, be sure you go outside and shut any local disconnect at the condensing unit prior to doing so. Once in while, the power to a condensing unit comes from a different breaker. So, be safe and check.

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Thanks for your response! I could only add one pic initially but here is the control board. Does the C-wire adapter connect in between the thermostat and control board at the wire nuts? The control board does not have screw connectors. Would I connect the thermostat YWRG to the c-wire base and the c wire strands to control board and condenser wires? So R to R, G to G, W to W, Y to red condenser and C to Brown Common from control board.

That would be correct. In fact, that’s probably why the last contractor didn’t make connections at the control board, because he didn’t have and spade connectors. It’s quite common really to find them all connected with wire nuts. Your color schemes are correct also, as you stated above. (and FYI… R is hot, G is fan, W is heat, Y is cooling, C is common) You can see on the 2nd pic that Brown wires are spade connected to common (COM) on the main control board. So, you’re correct there as well.

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Made a diagram of how it should be hooked up in case you missed anything.