Wyze Thermostat Wiring - Help

Hey all, so my wiring is pictured below. I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve tried switching the G to use as the C-wire, and I’ve tried the adapter but there’s no Y screw. Not sure what the problem is.

Any help would be appreciated since the quote to have it done professionally is $400.

Edit: The Y-wire (blue) doesn’t actually attach to anything. It’s just twisted off with a white wire coming from the outside unit.

It’s easier with un-cropped images, but here you go:

The Y wire is what controls your air conditioner, but it doesn’t go through the air handler to do that.

I’m assuming the larger X and C wires are coming from an external transformer.

Like your air handler tells you, make sure the power is off to the air handler and transformer before doing anything else.

You’ll need to remove the thin red wire from the R terminal, the thin green wire from the G terminal, the thin white wire from the W wire, and the thin blue wire from the white wire that goes to the A/C. Connect these wires to the C adapter as shown in the diagram.

The C adapter has a ribbon cable on it, each of the wires should be labeled, and the C wire should be darker than the rest of them.
The Y ribbon cable wire needs to be wire nutted to the white wire that goes off to the air conditioner. The R wire needs to be attached to the R terminal on the air handler,
The dark C wire needs to be attached to the B/C terminal in addition to the 2 wires that are already there.
The G wire needs to be attached to the G terminal, and the W wire needs to be attached to the W terminal.

Connect the wires to the wyze thermostat as shown.
Then you can turn the power back on. Tell the wyze app during setup that your old thermostat has the following wires:
Rc, G, Y, W


Howdy. Having a wire issue here at the HVAC system. Trying to connect the c-wire adapter and I literally just can’t figure out which ones to it’s supposed to be common. The yellow wire at the thermostat is actually blue and I can’t tell what’s coming out of this box at the HVAC unit to verify what should be the common. I know it’s supposed to be 24 volts and I shouldn’t use the highest side but I seriously just can’t wrap my head around this one. One of the HVAC pictures I made the attempt of trying to label what’s coming from the thermostat itself but once again the C-wire eludes me. Help please. And thank you in advance

Here’s another picture from a little bit different angle. Showing a few more wires.

Where do these red and blue wires go?

Whatever wire that red wire is attached to is C, if it’s the large blue coming from the furnace, and it probably is, than that is C.

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Thank you so much! Just getting any direction is solid! Giving it a try the moment I get home. I’ll update after. Thank you

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