Another thermostat wiring problem

First question! How to contact Wyze support? Can’t ask them directly so came to forum… attempting to install thermostat and wiring info is vague.
Thermostat has W,Rh,G,Y . With a jumper from Rh to Rc and a blue wire in Y terminal (which is confusing)
Control panel wiring shows red wire in C terminal!
So do I need the c-wire adapter??
Control board wiring is : W,G,C,R,Y (with 2 wires on Y terminal … blue and yellow
Installed thermostat but never powered up !
I used Rh terminal but wondering if I should try Rc terminal and keep G and Y the same .
Any help would be appreciated!

Sounds like you need the adapter. My control board has a 2 wire cable connected to Y & C which goes outside to the AC unit. Once I added the adapter, then I had 2 wires on the C terminal. I eventually ran a new cable to eliminate the adapter. Sounds like you have the same setup, the 2nd wire on Y probably going to your outside unit.

Thanks for the picture!
How did you decide to use the blue wire off your Y terminal as opposed to the white wire that remains on the Y terminal with the c-adapter wire!!

The blue wire was originally connected to the Y terminal and is also at the thermostat connected to Y. That white wire that is also on the Y terminal runs to the outside AC unit along with the red wire that’s connected to the C terminal.

the adapter is creating a mid-station between our thermostat and the control board, if there are 2 wires in one control board terminal, then you need to use the wire that has the same color as your thermostat wire into the adapter.

Yes, that’s what I did… Btw, I was a tester :grin:

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Is there an extra wire in the ones from the furnace to the thermostat? If there is you could change the blue wire at both locations to be your “C” wire which seems to be the standard. The extra wire if available could be connected to the “Y” terminal at the thermostat and to the “Y” terminal at the furnace. The one obstacle would be the two wires to the outside unit. Normally they run to the furnace and one is connected to the “Y” terminal and the other to the “C” terminal. This would eliminate the adapter completely. The image shows a typical wiring schematic for most residential HVAC systems.

In my case, my original wiring had 4 conductors with no yellow, so the installer used the blue wire for Y. The new wire I ran has 5 conductors with a yellow wire so I wired it appropriately.

But as Jimmy said, if you have a extra wire between the control board and thermostat you’ll be able to wire to the C terminal and not need the adapter. If you don’t have a extra wire you’ll have to install the adapter. at the control board, that yellow wire on the Y terminal should be going to your outside condenser along with the red wire that’s on the C terminal.

Here’s my new wiring

Hi I need a little help, my thermostat has only 4 wires. When does the blue wire supposed to go?. I tryed to put the Blue wire in Y and I think Its not working because not even the thermostat turn on

You will need to use the adapter for to create the common in the furnace. look at the furnace connections to map the colors to the terminal numbers. then google typical furnace wire colors. If the furnace heat/cool doesn’t work you can try to use the firmware swap, or, in my case, keep the default and swap the wires (I think there is a bug in the firmware with the hot cold swap - at least it didn’t work in my case).

as carlson3368, you need to install the C wire adapter, and at the Wyze tstat, you’ll need to move the green wire from G to C.