Thermostat - Add fan to automation / scheduling

There has been several postings about this but I didn’t see any attention to it.

Thermostat desperately needs ability to control fan only via schedule or trigger automation. Not only this will help with seasonal changes but save money in long run, especially for those with 2 devices.

Also, showing the status of the thermostat in the Home screen rather than requiring to click on it would be nice. Temperature in black if nothing is running, red for heater, blue for AC and maybe green for fan only. This is not a request for an on/off switch like on cam. Just a status display when you open Home. This should not require app to be running in background.

A schedule would be nice. It does already have the ability to cycle the fan only a set number of minutes per hour in increments of 5 minutes such as 5, 10, 15, 20, etc, but that’s every hour and not on a set schedule.


I have a house with much solar gain. We need to be able to schedule the fan to run from late morning to early evening, else we overheat and waste our solar energy gained. We must manually activate the fan. This is stupid foe a programmable thermostat. My old, cheap unit used to allow the fan to be programmed with time block. What a massive oversight and trivial fix to the app this would be for Wyze to release.
Very disappointed, I’ll need to search for a replacement if no fix is found.

I thought Wyze was the answer. :rage:

Anyone have ANY solutions?

wish fan cycling supported length of time on AND time off. For example, 10 minutes on, 15 minutes off, repeat. Presently can only set on time per hour. Once per hour in my case is not frequent enough to spread heat from my woodstove around the house. For some once per hour might be too infrequent.

  1. Scheduling a fan cycle allows me to mix the air, balance the temp in the house and save energy vs running the fan all the time. I hate stagnant air, but I hate wasting energy too.
  2. Scheduling a fan cycle would allow me to mix air during the day when it is a comfort issue and stop at night when no one cares, thus saving energy.
  3. Scheduling a fan cycle would fix the issue of 30mins of cycling and 30mins of stagnant air
  4. Fan cycle should also take into account actual AC cycles during this time.

Another Vote for this, agree with all of the above.
I believe @pigowar captured it in their initial post but just want to be sure. I’d like to see the Wyze Thermostat fan status act as a trigger for other automation.

With flexibility power users can be creative and make the features work for their specific application. So merging all the ideas and added a new one, the community would like to have the following thermostat fan cycling capabilities:

  1. schedule fan cycling
  2. while fan cycling is enabled specify number of minutes off X, number of minutes on Y, repeat
  3. when heat or AC induced fan turns off, wait X off minutes, then fan on for Y minutes, repeat XYXY…
  4. Allow fan on to trigger other devices
  5. Allow fan off to trigger other devices
  6. Allow other devices to trigger fan on
  7. Allow other devices to trigger fan off
    Hope I didn’t miss anybody.
    FYI there already exists the ability to turn other devices on and off when heating or cooling stage begin, as well as ability to turn on heating or cooling when triggered by another device. Need to add Fan Cycling enable and disable to the list.

I want the ability to schedule the fan only to run without heating and cooling or the ability for the minimum fan run time per hour to be scheduled between certain hours.

The minimum fan time per hour I don’t want to run every hour, I just need it to run during a few hours at night where the temperature downstairs where the thermostat is, keeps cool but upstairs is hot.


I’m sorry to say that Wyze stopped listening long ago. This was asked since the launch and there has been nothing from them. This along with separate notification for doorbell. It seems they are too busy coming up with new product to sell after gaining brand loyalty.

I know it’s not a perfect product but refusing to fix automation issue (yes, it’s an issue not an enhancement) is not good.

Bump. It would also be great for the Wyze App to display something like “FAN” instead of OFF when the fan is on. And the ability to select time duration for the fan to run… like the competition.

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Thermostat Fan Schedule

The fan can be set to run X mins per hour. I don’t want the fan doing this 24 hrs a day. Please add scheduling of the fan. Or add fan on/off to routines.

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+1 for the ability to schedule the fan. Want the fan running when people are home to circulate the air, but don’t need it running 24/7 per se (currently is as it is not easily flipped on or off via the interface or app, too tedious to deal with IMO).

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Fan Schedule for Wyze Thermostat

It would be great if I Wyze Thermostat included an option to set the fan to either “Auto”, “On”, or “Cycle” (min/hr) when building a schedule. I like to run the fan on “On” during the day, but prefer it on “Auto” a night.

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YES - this is a simple toggle switch that could be added. scheduling the fan on/off while possible is a messy way to accomplish the same thing and then what happens when I don’t want it on, then I have to upset a pre-set schedule.

Just give us the switch to run the fan when we want.

Not sure what you are saying “YES” to? There already is a toggle switch in the controls panel.

Posting here because I bought the thermostat assuming it would have this feature, based on the marketing. It did not and I hate it. That is all.

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Welcome to the community @tmarki . I am a Volunteer community Member and try to assist when I can.

Curious if you could elaborate what you are wanting to do?

If you would like to cycle the Fan you have the ability located under Advanced in the T-Stat Settings area. Or you can set your fan to on so that it runs at a lower speed 24x7. This is what I do.

I want to be able to set the fan to cycle during the day, and off (auto) during the night,… I like this function, but it can be annoying at night, so I’d like to be able to toggle it automatically with the schedule.

Thanks for the clarity on this, did not think about that. We leave ours on 24x7. :slight_smile:

I agree. This is standard in commercial buildings such that the fan runs during the day and switches to Auto afterhours. I was about to buy a lot of these to replace some old dumb thermostats, but looks like I will have to go with ecobee or honeywell T9 to be able to schedule the fan settings. This seems like a major oversite that is very easy to fix with a little software programming. Cycling the fan so many minutes per hour is a nice feature for some, but is not what I am talking about.