Thermostat - Add fan to automation / scheduling

Fan scheduling for the win

Ability to choose what time fan runs

Currently it only lets you choose how long the fan will run every hour , i would like to set it so it can run at certain times of our liking

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This has been requested for years now. I’ve lost hope that Wyze is listening. Too bad because it would seem to be a simple feature to add. I think WYZE implements new features based on the number of votes a proposed new feature gets. Since there are FAR more WYZE camera users than thermostat users, the thermostat wishlist never gets their attention. So it’s bug fixes only, and there are a few to fix.


I agree, this will never be implemented. I started building a fully local (zigbee/zwave) smart home network and I’ll use a more advanced thermostat that lets me implement the features I want myself. I’ll only keep the cams from wyze.