Thermostat - Add fan to automation / scheduling

Fan scheduling for the win

Ability to choose what time fan runs

Currently it only lets you choose how long the fan will run every hour , i would like to set it so it can run at certain times of our liking

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This has been requested for years now. I’ve lost hope that Wyze is listening. Too bad because it would seem to be a simple feature to add. I think WYZE implements new features based on the number of votes a proposed new feature gets. Since there are FAR more WYZE camera users than thermostat users, the thermostat wishlist never gets their attention. So it’s bug fixes only, and there are a few to fix.


I agree, this will never be implemented. I started building a fully local (zigbee/zwave) smart home network and I’ll use a more advanced thermostat that lets me implement the features I want myself. I’ll only keep the cams from wyze.


I’m still hoping for this. My HVAC fan is very loud, so I try to keep it running as little as possible during the night. But the air is stagnant during the day and I want it to cycle during the day. The feature to run x minutes per day is useful, but I don’t want it on 24 hours.

PLEASE add more automation features to the thermostat. The current ones available are not enough to take full control! The wishlist from two years ago is still wanted!

Please wyze. We’re still waiting for this! Would love to only run fan at night on schedule…!

THIS STUFF PLEASE!! Just give us access to triggers and controls for the thermostat via automations!! There are MANY use cases!!!

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