How does thermostat fan cycle actually work? is there a full manual somewhere I missed?

I understand what the fan modes Auto, Cycle, and On, do, but in Cycle, how does it determine timing after I set it? In other words, if I set the fan to Cycle and set it to 10 minutes per hour, does it run the 10 minutes all at once each hour, or does it run 1 minute every 6 minutes, 5 minutes every half hour, or something else?
I’d actually like a full in-depth manual that goes over everything, but I haven’t found one.


The Cycle runs the full “X” amount of minutes you specify, at once, every hour. I have yet to find an in-depth manual on this thermostat specifically.


That’s what I suspected with the cycle, but it seemed like the fan was running random times during the hour and not the full 10 minutes I had it set for (although I didn’t time it). This was not including when the T-Stat was actually calling for heat and blowing hot air.

Ideally for my use case, I would prefer the set time to be divided over the hour. Either that or be able to set both the time and the interval like 5 minutes every 30 minutes as an example. We use a wood pellet stove for probably 75% of our heat and cycling the fan works pretty well to balance and move heat around the house.


That would be an awesome feature to request on the #wishlist. Keep in mind, a call for heat or cooling will override the Cycle counter. :smiley:

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I heat 95% with wood and a fan cycle is more than important. My first question though is where do I control the fan? I have not found anything that allows me to run fan only.

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click the thermostat in the Wyze app and on the main page at the bottom , click controls. once there, the three fan settings are there. The cycle time setting per hour if you set it to cycle is in the setting section by clicking the gear icon in the app it’s settings/advanced/Fan Cycle

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Sounds good, but all I have under settings is “STATE” , “MODE” and “HOLD” No cycle setting available. I think a nice decision tree would be handy- Thermostat, cameras and ?


Maybe it doesn’t think you have the fan hooked up so it didn’t give the option. When you set up the thermostat did you hook up a green fan wire? and if so, during setup when it asked you about existing wire colors, did you say it had green?
I say green because that’s the standard color for fan, but some have systems wired differently.

I do not have AC. Previous wiring was 3 wires (“INCOMPATIBLE” it said). I ran a “C” wire which made it think, but told me I had run it to wrong connection on thermostat. It directed me to “correct it” - wire moved from G to Y1- connection. It runs fine to heat. I can fool it into running fan with the AC by setting temp low enough. So currently C, Y1, Rc, W

Is it possible to program and schedule for Fan only?


I don’t have AC either, just a forced air oil furnace. Up until a couple years ago, I originally only had 2 wires just to trigger heat, but I wanted to run just the fan once in a while to move air from the wood stove. So I ran a new 5 conductor thermostat wire and found and hooked up the green fan wire and 24v wires on the furnace. Then I installed a cheap plain programmable T-stat with a fan switch. I’ve been using it like that for a couple years to run the fan manually and it helps move the air

Now with the Wyze T-stat, I have it set to 10 minutes per hour for now. I’ll see how that goes and maybe bump it up to 15 if needed. I had an extra yellow wire since I don’t have AC and I connected that to C on the furnace so I didn’t need to use the adapter for the Wyze.

I don’t even have a regular control board on my furnace, my connections are right on the transformer except for the two heat wires. Here’s a pic before I switched the yellow to C for the Wyze

Exactly what I had done. 2 wires, except I am on LP, I went to 3 to get fan. I will try to figure the cross over to your transformer to my newer control board setup. Thank you sir! Having just fan is nice for low-tech heating (wood, pellets). I mostly use the LP in fall and spring when wood is just too many BTU.

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Did anyone answer your question? I have the same. I run my fan during the night for 20 minutes every hour using my nest. need to replicate that. But dont want to run it during the day

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It does work. It runs for the specified time (once you get wiring sorted out). It would, for example run for 5 minutes (or 10, 15…) once an hour at the same time each hour, 24 hours a day. It is great for my primary wood heat, circulating the air and filtering any dust. I do not think you can run it night time only short of manually or perhaps with rules/IFTTT


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I hate when the air sits after a cycle and becomes stagnant and agree that cycling the fan for Xmins at consistent intervals through the hour would be nice.

I know this post is a bit dated, but +1 for this request. Other vendors such as Honeywell, Nest, and Ecobee do this by default when using the circulate feature. Having the air circulate all at one time each hour is not as useful.

@WyzeJimmy it would be great if Wyze would update this feature and documentation to explain it.

As an example, Ecobee supports and explains the feature in detail here:

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Yes I agree - I want the fan to circulate all the time and the heat and AC to cycle as needed, but airflow is key for me and still haven’t been able to figure this out.

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I agree that an e-manual (for virtually all the Wyze devices) would be good, but especially this one. Once you have it installed, go to SETTINGS>ADVANCED>FAN CYCLE. You have limited options that will run the fan every hour for time specified in 5 minute intervals from 0 to 30. Not full time, not every 10 minutes. I heat with wood (current heat wave of 27, last night -5+ 20 mile winds) so “spreading” the heat out from the room where the source is would be very nice. The furnace will run concurrently if it receives demand. It uses the time you set it to work from as zero. Mine currently comes on for 5 minutes on the hour, every hour.

I agree!!