Wyze Thermostat - run fan for specified amount of time

The Wyze thermostat doesn’t seem to be able to run the fan for a specific period of time. Our options are Auto (assuming this means it’s run at Wyze’s discretion) or Cycle (preset number of minutes per hour).

Is this planned to be added?

Does anyone know of a workaround?

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Auto will energize the fan ONLY when there is a call for Heat or A/C. Cycle (Circulate) will run default for 21 minutes every hour (this can be changed in Advanced Settings).

Right… so no option as mentioned above to specify how long to run the fan.


You want to turn the fan On, specify essentially a timer for however long, then it shuts off?


“Run fan for X amount of time.”

Would be a nice feature for those who would use it. You can add it to the #wishlist.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re asking, you can specify the amount of time per hour if set to “Cycle”. For example, I have mine set to run 10 minutes per hour

I don’t want to run it every hour for 20 minutes. I want to run it for the next 15, 30, 45, 60, etc minutes and then stop.

Ah, now I understand. You want just a one time countdown timer for the fan, but not every hour.
You could sort of do that by setting the time per hour in the cycle function, say 15 minutes, but leaving it set to Auto until you want that 15 minutes to run in which case you would turn on cycle mode. The drawback to that is you have to remember to turn it back to auto sometime after it stops or it will run again next hour. Worse case if you forget is it would re-run your set time each hour until you remember to switch it back to auto. Certainly not what your looking for, but a workaround until they possibly add the function you’re hoping for.

I was looking for the same thing too.

One-time x minutes of fan run would be great. Even 5 minutes of fan run on every single hour is overkill for us and energy consuming.