I want to Circulate Fan x times every y hours

I currently don’t have a WYZE thermostat but am really leaning to purchase one especially if I could do the following.

I want to Circulate the Fan x times every y hours. In my current house environment I have periods where I go for several months in the Spring as well as the Fall where my AC is not running and my Furnace barely runs for a short period during the night. During those months the HVAC system sits idle all day and most of the night without running.

I would like to circulate the air but don’t really want to run the fan a certain percentage “every single” hour, like current WYZE thermostat has option for.

I would like to be able to define the number of y hours to wait before the fan runs a certain amount of time.

My ideal setup would be to run the fan more like 5-10 minutes maybe every 4-6 hours (maybe I could even push it out to every 8 -12 hours?) to just occasionally destratisfy/mix the air if the heat/ac hasn’t run during that same period. I am only stating a range but understand I would define an exact number of y hour once I determine what works best for my environment.

Forgot to mention my HVAC system (Heat and AC) is 43 years young (all original parts)! My thoughts are if I only cycle the fan maybe 3-4 times per day that would be better to the systems longevity than doing that 24 times per day (8760 times per year)!

Is there anyway to setup a rule or something to accomplish this. Or would this need to be an enhancement within the Firmware?

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