Control furnace fan from app

Most thermostats have a switch to select whether the ‘furnace’ fan will run continuously or automatically - only when the ‘furnace’ is heating
or cooling. That functionality is missing from the Wyze app.

Here’s an example of why it is needed: We have a humidifier that’s part of the furnace. It runs when the fan is running, turns off when the fan is not. Our house is super-insulated so the furnace runs only briefly to maintain a temperature - not nearly long enough for the humidifier to do its job. So in the winter we set the fan to run continually, and all the house air will circulate contiually through the humidifier.

So, we need to be able to control the fan - set it to either auto or continuous, and to control that setting through rules.

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It’s already in the app. At the bottom of the screen for the thermostat is a panel that says “controls”. Swipe it up to see the various states your system can be in (home/away/sleep), the modes you have: (heat/cool/auto/ off) and the fan control (auto/on)

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Fantastic. Some maven had said it was unavailable, so maybe there was a misunderstanding. And since I don’t have the device I can’t play with it in the app.

Can you confirm this: that I could write a rule for the thermostat that specifies that when one of my climate sensors show a relative humidity of - say - less than 20% the fan will be set to ‘on’?

I don’t think rules allow you to do anything with humidity, but you should be able to add a splice wire to G, and connect it to both G and aux and tell the thermostat that aux is the humidifier. this way, when the thermostat wants to humidify the space it will activate the fan.

Well, I was asking something a little different. The climate sensors that I have are not related to the thermostat. I can write rules that say, for example, 'IF ‘stairwell’ humidity is less than 30% THEN turn ‘Wyze outlet’ on."

I’m asking if I can write a rule hose THEN clause is the fan switch on the thermostat.

Thanks for the time you’re taking.

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Unfortunately, I don’t see a rule that allows you to turn on the fan.

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That fan automation feature is not available. It is a wishlist request though. Please add your comment/use case and/or vote for it here:


In addition, I should be able to write a rule that if a remote sensor is not within a specified range of the main thermostat, that the fan is turned on in order to blend the air temperature in the house.