Using Wyze Thermostat to turn humidifier on with Fan or Heat

Original thermostat was a 4 wire configuration, I have replaced this with a 7 conductor wire (only using 6) the six connections:

Red wire to Rc
Yellow wire to Y1
Green wire to G
White wire to W1
Blue wire to C
These wires are identical to the furnace, I have the orange to * asterisk at the thermostat and connected to the humidifier (AprilAire 700) at the furnace. The other wire for the humidifier is connected to the common (blue) on the furnace board.

During setup I selected humidifier on heat and on Fan. My understanding is that this will send 24V to the orange cable anytime the thermostat turns the heat or the furnace fan on. Is this what others believe.

When heat comes on, the humidifier turns on, both humidifier fan and water supply. When I turn the fan on at the thermostat turns on by itself the humidifier does not turn on. Having a hard time getting the humidity above about 25% that is why I want the humidifier on with fan.

I have asked Wyze tech, they said the following:

On your other ticket, you mentioned that the humidifier is turning on when the heat kicks on, but not when you turned the heat off then the fan on. The humidifier configuration are as follows:

  • Heat - Humidifier will only run when the heating stage is active and the humidity is outside the desired range
  • Fan - Run the fan when the humidifier is active

That said, if you have selected the fan during setup after selecting the humidifier for accessory, the fan will run when the humidifier is active.

Is it just me, or does that not make much sense. they are implying if the humidifier is on that it will turn in the fan (not sure if they are taking the fan in the furnace or the humidifier, but, neither are what I would expect.

Anyone running it this way, successfully?

Trying to get a new humidifier set up and it sure would be nice if Wyze actually communicated about ALL their products instead of just what’s coming out this month.

I could really use some clarification on what heat and or fan means during setup.

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There isn’t much in the way of super clear instructions on connecting a Humidifier to your Wyze Thermostat. Mainly because these are not that common, they are usually add on appliances to the HVAC system, and their existing wiring can be different depending on who made it and how it is installed.

Once you get the wiring sorted, you will need to do a full Thermostat setup again in the app and tell the thermostat that you have a Humidifier (Hum). Like the video below that shows the Nest, the Wyze Thermostat will use the “*” star terminal.

But, there are some resources you can pull from to help figure it out. Take a look at these:

Forum posts discussing Humidifier integrations w\ the Wyze Thermostat:

This is a video discussing the Nest thermostat, but is the same concept w\ the Wyze Thermostat, it also uses the “*” star terminal for the Humidifier.