Fan never turns off

I have wired up my thermostat exactly as the previous one was wired, but the fan never turns off which results in cool air being blown through the house when the furnace stops heating, I’ve read through several other posts that have similar issues, but none of them seem to be the same as my issue. I’m sure it’s something to do with wiring. I didn’t touch the wiring on the furnace/AC at all since I already had a C wire. I’d be happy to post the pictures of the previous wiring and current wiring.

Yes, in order for anyone to help you should post a picture of your thermostat wiring and your furnace control board wiring. If you have a picture of your ‘before’ thermostat wiring that would help too.

My old thermostat only had an R, while the Wyze thermostat is separated into Rh and Rc. I only have the wire into Rc which is what the app told me to do when I installed it. I’ll see if I can get a picture of the control board. There are a lot of wires in there.

you need to share the image that shows where these wires get coupled to the thermostat wires. Don’t zoom in so much- show the entire inside of the furnace.

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I’ll try to when I get home. There’s a huge bundle of wires in there, but I’ll do what I can.

The white wire to C is connected to the black wire from the thermostat. There is a brown wire that goes to the humidifier unit I believe.

Hmm. if you go to the wyze app and swipe up from the thermostat page, is the fan set to auto or on?
Your wiring looks fine. Your thermostat might be faulty, or you might accidentally have the fan set to run all the time, or perhaps wyze expects that the humidifier requires the fan to be running?

The fan is set to auto. I think the issue might be the humidifier. The app shows the humidity is currently 26% but the minimum was set to 30%. I changed the minimum to 20% and it stopped running.

I’ve never had a system with a humidifier built in. I’m not sure where that issue might be.

Thanks for your help on this though. I wouldn’t have thought to look at the humidifier.

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Thank @speadie for helping out. The thermostat keeps using the fan to carry water content to your home so the humidity can be reached