Blower Fan Not Turning Off - Help!

The blowers fan in my condo is running more often than not. The fan is not scheduled to run at all, yet runs majority of the time (75% of the day).

The company who installed the blower has been out twice and is sure its an issue with the Wyze thermostat. Can anyone please provide some help :pray:

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It may take some more information to see what is going on.

Do you have a C Wire Adapter installed?

Can you provide a pic of the control board wiring where the thermostat wires connect? What about a pic of the old thermostat wiring before the install?

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Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the old wiring as I no longer have that thermostat. I’m in a condo and have a heat pump. I will do my best to grt some pictures of the wiring to it today .

I tried to access the control board to see the wiring but have not been able to access it as it’s built into the ceiling. I tried to access it without luck.

I found a photo of the old wiring!!!

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You mentioned that the company that installed the blower fan had been out… Did this start with the installation of the fan or the thermostat?

I think the wiring on the other end is going to be the important pic to get to see how those are wired. @speadie is the go to user when dealing w\ HVAC wiring. I will let them post in with any other possible ideas.

I really can’t get to it. I jusy broke my dryer getting into the ceiling trying to gain access :upside_down_face:

If it is in the ceiling, it is most likely accessible from an attic service access. No need to break a neck to get to it right now. Might just wait and see what other posts come in.

I’m in a condo, above me is another unit sadly.

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Hmm. Without visibility on the other side of the wiring, I can walk you through some troubleshooting steps, but if it’s wired the way I think it might be, fan access would be critical to actually get it working.

First, I want you to remove the green wire and see if the fan stops running - note you will need to hook it back up, this is just a temporary test to see if any other wire is carrying the fan signal. Let me know if the fan still runs with the green wire not connected to the thermostat.

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I have removed the green wire and it continues to run.

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That means that some other wire is driving the fan,. There’s not much you can do without fan/furnace side access to the wires other than install the old thermostat, unfortunately.

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What confuses me is it’s so Intermittent. It runs and then it doesn’t. It’s just so frustrating.