Whole Home Humidifier

If you have a whole home humidifier working with your Wyze thermostat, would you share your wiring connections/loop and app settings? Mine is not operating as I would expect. Thx!

I believe this would be wired into the * (star) terminal. Try it out and see if it works!

Thanks! I have tried that.

The asterisk terminal appears to be energized all the time causing the humidifier solenoid to flow water constantly regardless of humidity preference settings. It should only energize the terminal when humidity % falls below min set point in preferences.

Anyone getting it to work as expected using the asterisk terminal?

I to have the same issue. After I installed the thermostat my humidifier wont turn on. Possibly a jumper wire on the main board??? Not sure. Still exploring. Frustrating.

I eliminated the standard use of a 24V transformer and went direct from solenoid to C terminal and thru HUM furnace terminals to Tstat so it runs when heat is called, but I can’t get the Tstat to control the humidity set point. It runs all the time when heat is called.

Beta iOS 2.17.21 just came out and now has humidifier control. During setup it asked for type of humidifier (see pic) and now come on when heat is called and below set point. Nice! Strangely, it activates when 5% below set point and then off when 5% above. Oh well, evidence of progress.