Has anyone gotten the Wyze thermostat to actually turn on Stage-2 heating with a gas-forced air system?

I just installed the thermostat yesterday and noticed that it does not turn on stage-2 heat (no problems with my old “dumb” thermostat. Stage 1 heat works fine and the AC works fine. I checked the wiring at the thermostat and the control board, and checked the jumper on the control board to make sure it was set up to work with a 2-stage thermostat. Everything is set up correctly. Most recent firmware is installed. I have read a few posts where people have the same issues and it seems to be a problem with the thermostat. I’m just wondering if anyone has actually gotten it to work beside setting their furnace to control stage-2. I did put in a support ticket and I hope others with the same problem do as well so that Wyze realizes they need to fix this. This is a problem as if the thermostat decides stage two needs to run (like when it should when switching between a 5 degree difference from sleep setting to wake setting) it runs a fan which just blows cold air and never heats the house. It won’t turn on stage 1 because the temperature difference was too great and the thermostat thought that stage 2 was running. It was cold waking up this morning.

Nope. I set my furnace to only listen to stage 1 heat calls and jumped the W1 and W2 terminals together on the furnace.
Hopefully wyze fixes this soon,

I spent the money for a technician to confirm my setup. He said most thermostats energize both W1 and W2 to get stage-2 heat to run, Wyze doesn’t.

Also, he confirmed that when I mapped a humidifier to star/asterisk terminal, it’s always energized and doesn’t turn off the humidifier at the set point. Was this tested?

I have had a ticket open on both of these since 12/28, not a peep from support.

I really hope both of these fixes (and temp differential avail) are in next release of firmware.

How does furnace behave jumping W1 to W2? I have a 2nd stage but the thermostat is not wired for 2nd stage. The system automatically kicks in the 2nd stage after 10 min.

If you have a furnace that can be told to ignore W2 calls and ramp up by itself, if the wyze calls for W2, it would keep running the call, instead of shutting off like it does currently, If you don’t have an auto-ramping furnace that can be told to ignore stage 2 calls, it would always fire in stage 2. You could also just move the W2 wire on the furnace to the W1 slot, so that no matter what the wyze calls for, it will fire.

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Only if your furnace is setup to handle 2 stages.
even you have a 2 stages furnaces, the dip swiyches are not set to act like 2 stage furnace, it will just ignore w2

My control board DIP switch doesn’t have a switch for the heating stages, only cooling stages. There’s a jumper to set the furnace to have the thermostat control stage two, which its set for and worked with the old thermostat, and there are jumper options for having the furnace turn on stage two on its own if stage one runs for 5 or 12 minutes. I know I can re-set up the Wyze thermostat to act as a single stage and jumper the furnace to control itself but if I’m going to have to do that I’m just going to put my old one back and return the Wyze thermostat.

Thanks! Yes, furnace is auto controlling stage 2 after 12 mins, but I like to have some flexibility to control based on temp gap (+2 degree gap/change vs time based). The furnace is treating tstat as a stage 1 tstat. I learned about the dip switches from my technician visit

Well I’ve contacted Wyze support to ask if W1 and W2 get closed (activated) together when calling for stage 2 and if not, will it be added in a future firmware update. We’ve gone back and forth a couple of times now. They keep sending me the same script about hiring a HVAC professional to help with install. I know the wiring is correct and the furnace is set properly and an HVAC person is not going to be able to answer a question specific to Wyze’s product. At this time I wouldn’t recommend people buy this thermostat until Wyze’s tech support can actually answer questions about how their tech works.

I received confirmation from support who communicated with the internal dev team that the Stage 2 forced air heat will be addressed in a firmware/app update. Can’t say how soon.

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That’s great news. Hopefully it won’t be too long. I would think it would be a pretty straight forward fix.

Tracking… Same issue here. Stage 1 hearting running, 30 degrees and snow outside. Vents are blowing “warm” air but i’m not sure its warm enough to heat up the house. Would be good to have the option to know if stage 2 is active and a way to active it manually if it is not.

Your furnace may have ability to bump to Stage 2 heat after certain amount of time. Unfortunately it would be controlled by dip switches on control board. I set mine to do that until Wyze sorts this out.

I upped the temperature to 70 and it appears that at some point it kicked in stage 2 heating as the air coming out the vents got hot. Maybe there is some intelligence in it where it switches to stage 2 if the temperature is not increasing or is too far from the current temperature.

Or your furnace is co trolling stage 2 after certain amount of time. Mine kicks in at 12 min of stage 1 runtime. I don’t think Wyze tstat is handling forced air stage 2 properly yet.

Yeah, The Wyze thermostat tries to turn on stage 2 when you have a specific temp differential. If I am only trying to raise the temperature 1 - 2 degrees at a time stage 1 kicks in and it works (heats). However when the differential is larger, like my nighttime versus morning temp differential of 5 degrees, it tries to turn on stage 2, but it doesn’t work. It just makes the fan run but doesn’t heat. So I think the thermostat thinks is turning on stage 2 but its not. It’s likely because it isn’t sending signal on both W1 and W2 simultaneously which is what most of these types of furnaces are expecting.


I just uninstalled by Wyze thermostat and put my old Honeywell back in. Even when keeping the temperature at the same setting, the Wyze thermostat had issues on very cold nights, when the temp would drop too fast and the thermostat would switch to stage 2 put not actually activate the furnace. I did set my jumper on the thermostat to turn on stage 2 after 5 minutes of stage 1, but it didn’t work in the scenario I just mentioned (though it did work for small temp changes). I could have reinstalled the Wyze to only ever work in stage 1 and continued to use the jumper setting on the furnance, but I figured if I was going to go through the trouble I might as well put the old thermostat back in. Maybe in the future I’ll put the Wyze back in if they fix this issue in future updates. Unfortunately the tech support was not very tech savvy. They kept giving me an answer to a question I didn’t actually ask while ignore my actual question about how the thermostat is trigger stage 2. I suggest that potential buyers that have 2-stage furnaces wait to purchase this product until Wyze actually addresses the issue.

No! I flipped furnace dip switches so that Stage 2 comes on after 12mins, basically treating Wyze tstat as a Stage 1 only furnace. It’s working ok for me even at 0 degrees. But I want the Wyze tstat to manage Stage 2. First they need to energize both W1 and W2 terminals to activate Stage 2. And it should allow you to do based on time of running or based on temp differential like 2+ degree change. I’m holding on to hope for the first ever firmware update or app update. :crossed_fingers:t2:

So, has anyone determined when the W2 terminal activates with the current version? Is it based on time, or temp. differential?

Stage 2 control not working yet for gas forced air. Will need a firmware or setup change to get tstat to energize both W1 and W2 to get Stage 2 to activate. As of now and without this, can’t tell if it will be time or temp diff based. If your furnace can control Stage 2 timing, let it for now. I received some cryptic info that they are working on it.